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Home » Revival of old beef erupts between Gervonta Davis and ex-sparring partner

Revival of old beef erupts between Gervonta Davis and ex-sparring partner

Pay Per View star Gervonta Davis gave his former sparring an out-of-context and brutal response when congratulated for a family picture.

Davis slapped Ivan Redkach with an ‘F U’ after the super-lightweight contender gave him a nice comeback to the picture with his child.

Redkach, potentially taken aback, retorted with a 10-9 round. Some of what got said was way below the belt.

The beef stems back to 2020 when a sparring session between the pair went south quickly and spilled over into the public domain.

Many believed at the time that the disagreement would end up inside the ring at a bonafide event. It never did.

However, the pair renewed their rivalry as Davis got ordered to defend his WBA secondary strap against Rolando Romero.

Gervonta Davis Ivan Redkach

Here’s how the spat went down in 2020.

“The deal was for six rounds, but you left after the fourth round,” Redkach stated to a video of their sparring showing Davis well on top.

“It’s sad I can’t show my side of this sparring session. My respect to you and your team.

“Gervonta “Tank” Davis, you still owe me two rounds. The deal was for six rounds, and you left after the fourth round.”

On the clip posted, he added: “You did the best thirty seconds of yours and left.

“Sad I can’t show my side of the sparring because I followed the rules of your manager and didn’t do video.”


Davis responded: “I didn’t even spar you at 10 nor 11 the first time we sparred. We sparred at 2 pm.

“I’m not even a morning person to even get up that early, you b****!

“You a tune-up fight for everybody, dummy! I advise you not to take that fight with Shawn [Porte] because he will kill you. You can’t hit, nor can you take a punch!”

Redkach responded: “It’s just a sparring session. It’s not fights if you want fights with me 140 pounds. I’ll show you real fights.

“You could not beat grandfather Gamboa with one leg. What are you talking about?”

In the most recent past, Redkach has been sparring with Arnold Barboza. So far, there have been no incidents to report.

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