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A Guide to Boxing Betting and Odds explained

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Unlike sports like football and basketball that contain many variables. Boxing competitions rarely offer more than six online boxing betting options per match regardless of the event’s importance. Here are the most famous and common betting markets in boxing:

  1. Moneyline Betting

In this bet, you are picking a player to beat the other. Here, you do not choose the winning round or the method of victory, but only the winning boxer!

This bet will pay great dividends if you are 100% sure that player A will outperform player B. However, you must know that the higher your odds of winning the bet, the lower your winnings. Therefore, you will have to bet a considerable amount to win a small amount. But if you want to risk betting on a boxer who has limited winning odds, you will get huge profits if that boxer wins.

So, before you place a bet on a player, make sure you get to know each player’s odds on all new non gamstop sports betting sites that you have accounts on. Experienced players apply the matched betting strategy to get high winning odds by participating in 2 bookmakers, getting free bets bonuses, and using them to place bets on both boxers. So, they are sure to win a bet regardless of the match’s result.

  1. Total Rounds

In a 12-round match, the zero point is set at 9.5 and you are betting that the match will last more or less than 9.5 rounds.

In this bet you don’t pick a winner, you simply expect that the battle will last no more than nine rounds (-9.5) or that it will last more than nine rounds (+9.5).

  1. Method of Victory Betting

In this bet, you choose a boxer to win in a specific way: a knockout, the opponent’s surrender, or the count to ten. If you are an expert in this sport and online boxing betting, you can use this bet to get hefty winnings!

  1. Round Betting

In this bet, you choose a specific boxer to win a specific round or a group of rounds. For example, you can bet on Boxer A to win the first round or the rounds from 7 to 9. This would be a great bet for you if you think that a boxer has the potential to win the first rounds or if he will get the last laugh! If the boxer tends to start slow and ditch his opponents in the middle rounds – like middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, you can bet on him to win in rounds 4-6 or 7-9.

How to Place Boxing Betting Online?

In the beginning, and basically, every gambler should have his own strategy, which serves as a plan of action. Implementing this strategy, no matter the circumstances is an effective way to win and the winnings, in the long run, are much more than the gains that you might get when betting based on your gut only.

The more experience you have with the types of online boxing bets, the nature of the competitions and the boxers’ records, the more you will develop a solid strategy.

Creating online boxing betting systems is not as complicated as it might seem! Choosing the winner of a Boxing match is much easier than selecting the winner of a football match. Teams consist of eleven players (regardless of the substitutes), and any of these players can score the winning goal!

Boxing matches only involve two players. The player with the highest skills, strongest punches and best defence wins. Also, boxing matches rarely witness amazing surprises that turn the tide of the match, like football matches.

Here are the three most important factors that you should consider when devising an online boxing betting strategy:

Analyse The Boxer’s Playing Style

With a quick look at the fighter’s history, you can see how he plays. If the player is accustomed to winning by knockout in many matches, he is one of the fighters who prefer attacking and directing powerful blows from long distances. These players are often referred to as “knockout artists” and there are a lot of famous players who play this way like Anthony Joshua, Sergey Kovalev, and Gennady Golovkin.

Either if the player’s record does not contain a lot of knockout wins and is more inclined to win points and rounds. Therefore, he uses a defensive style where he focuses on quick strikes and defending in most rounds of the match so that he does not get punched in return. A notable example of players using this technique is Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, and Guillermo Rigondeo.

When placing bets on boxing online, you should evaluate the playing style of the boxer you wish to bet on and whether or not their skills were enough to beat their opponent.

For example, in the match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in May 2015. Many fans believed that Manny Pacquiao’s speed, aggression and punching power would be more than what was required to beat Floyd! However, Mayweather’s defensive skills were such a powerful blocker in front of all Pacquiao’s hits that he wouldn’t even be able to touch his opponent, which disappointed millions of Pacquiao fans worldwide!

Get to know the boxer’s record

Check the last look of the boxers in the match you want to bet on; Have they been defeated lately? Is someone coming back from an injury or a layover?

A boxer may have a much worse record than his opponent. However, when examining this boxer, he has recently defeated a great boxer.

Unbeaten records might look great but once one of these players faces a world-class opponent, they lose!

Assess the size and physical strength before placing online boxing bets

In boxing, there is an old saying that “the good big guy will always beat the good little guy”! This is often the case. In heavyweight matches, there are no weight limits. It is typical to see fighters taller than 6.6 inches and weighing more than 250 pounds. If one of these boxers met another heavyweight boxer, a traditional 6 feet 2 inches and weighs about 220 pounds, he will probably lose unless he has superior skills!