Six Badass Boxing and Fighting Video Games

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Although people have been practicing martial arts since ancient times, they have never been more popular. In 2016, almost 4 million people, aged 6 and above, practiced at least one of its forms. Since the beginning, they have been taking the world by storm, starting to dominate even different types of mainstream media such as movies and video games, where people like Bruce Lee have been occupying the central place.  

Every time a new sequel of X-Men or Batman is out with new interesting combat elements, fans of all ages are brought closer to the discipline. What is more, UFC has grown to become one of the most popular of the categories, with a constantly growing audience willing to pay money to see martial artists compete at an extreme level.

Bruce Lee: the Biggest Martial Arts Star

Having the musculature of a bodybuilder and the stamina of an athlete, this legend of kung-fu was able to perform finger and thumb press-ups. He managed to leap 8 feet in the air in order to kick a lightbulb, and he also popularized the legendary 1-inch punch. 

Bruce Lee was trained in Wu-style tai chi ch’uan, wing chun, boxing, and dancing, so he created a hybrid form titled Jeet Kune Do (aka ‘Way of the Intercepting Fist’). Bruce Lee hit really hard and fast, dancing out of the strike zone right after. He was one of the biggest promoters of martial arts such as kung fu, boxing, and many others. Therefore, he remains an inspiration to numerous martial arts athletes, and his name is still praised by many passionate fans.

Boxing: One of the Founding Disciplines

Boxing is known as one of the oldest and most popular martial arts of all time. The discipline is also known as ‘the sweet science’ and it has been around for thousands of years. It has been one of the central elements of all combat sports for a long time, and not only was practiced by Bruce Lee, but it also produced some of the world’s most popular athletes like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and many many more. 

Fans are always amazed by the combination of ferocity, power, and technical knowledge that professional boxers present in the ring. While boxing is also considered one of the most effective methods of self-defense.

The Influence of Martial Arts on Gaming

Due to their high levels of excitement, martial arts themes have been extremely popular among players, and the high demand for these games dates back to the time when classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter appeared. In fact, the recent comeback of the Street Fighter series might have been caused by the sudden burst of the popularity of mixed martial arts, and its more recent sequels are inspired by fighting tournaments like UFC. 

Games Inspired by Bruce Lee

Being the central figure in many martial arts, Bruce Lee’s character consequently served as inspiration for a number of popular games. Here are some of them:

Naraka: Bladepoint

In this popular Chinese video game, since December 2021, the users are also able to play as Bruce Lee by choosing from seven exciting character skins. This thrilling multiplayer battle royale focuses on combat, making 60 characters fight against each other, with only one left standing. There is no need to say that this upgrade instantly spurred Bruce Lee’s fans. 

Wild Fight Slots

Bruce Lee’s character is also included in some online casino games that honor his work, and Wild Fight online slots, available in SuperSeven casino, are one of the top examples. Set in a beautiful and serious setting, the interface features Kung fu inspired scenery, and it is very nice to look at. The 5-reel, 20 payline game, with an instant big win feature randomly appearing, is packed with attractive rare symbols, with the Bruce Lee one being the most valuable. Being the combination of the classical slot game with regular rules and original creation with a fine design, this game really honors Bruce Lee beautifully.

Marshal Law (Tekken Series)

Not only that the fighting style in Marshal Law is almost identical to the one of Bruce Lee, but it also allows the players to choose the same yellow jumpsuit that the actor wore in his last film, Game of Death. And Tekken is one of the most favorite simple games among the players.

Other Top Boxing and Fighting Video Games

Aside from Bruce Lee-inspired titles, there are many other fighting-themed games out there worth trying out. Here are some of the cult ones:

Mortal Kombat 11

This sequel of the famous series uses time travel to let the characters fight against their rivals somewhere in the past so they could change the present. The game is traditionally packed with mysticism and otherworldly characters but highly improved with smooth animations and character customization.

Ultra Street Fighter IV 

Ultra Street Fighter IV is a highly competitive, one-on-one fighting game, and like all its other versions, this one is also centered on the Focus Attacks – a special move that lets a character unleash a counterattack. The latest sequel introduces five new characters, and the option to choose different versions of characters by going through their past iterations.

Guilty Gear Strive

The Guilty Gear series is considered the leading anime-inspired fighting title because of its amazing combat system and the attractive art style of the elements. Strive as the latest version brought the difficulty closer to casual players, while still preserving its original appeal. It comes with fewer extra modes, but it brings impressive visuals and character playstyles.

MMA sports are getting more popular with time, and developers are racing to attract audiences with amazing new options. If you are a fan of boxing and fighting video games, this list has probably inspired you to try out some of the titles mentioned.