How to Compare and Use Odds when Betting on Boxing

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Are you interested in learning how to bet on boxing? It’s among the most sports globally, and major bouts are some of the most popular online events each year.

Boxing, alongside baseball, was the major sport in the US in the early twentieth century, and people loved wagering on it. Although “The Sport of Kings” is still entertaining, most sports lovers only watch maybe once or twice per year. Watching a big fight is a shared experience for sports fans worldwide. Naturally, people love to bet on these big events on Betsson and other sites known for their range of boxing markets. So what do you need to know to bet on boxing?

How to Bet on Boxing

Essentially, boxing is a moneyline sport. There will be two boxers, each with a moneyline beside their name.   Massive favorites are frequent in boxing contests since “best versus best” fights are uncommon. When they occur, one boxer is generally a level above their opponent regarding skill. Fights with boxers priced at -1000 ($1000 bet returns $100) are commonplace, so you’ll typically have to choose between a low-cost choice and a high-cost alternative.

Overs/Unders Betting

This is one of the most popular alternative bets. An over/under wager is a wager as to how many rounds will be finished. Here’s an illustration of how it works:

+110 ($100 to win $110) over 9.5 rounds

-130 ($130 to win $100) for under 9.5 rounds

The over/under in this case is set at 9.5 Rounds. To win the bet, the bout must go longer than 1:30 minutes in Round 9. The fight must finish before the halfway point in the ninth round to win the under. 

Other Boxing Props

Most books have additional props for you to study, such as Time of Victory, Method of Victory, or Will The Fight Go The Distance. For bets like these, you’ll find a range of prices based on the moneyline and boxer’s profile, and judging which odds are right and which are wrong will depend on your knowledge of the fighters and their fighting style. 

For instance, a fighter like Deontay Wilder is much more likely than the average boxer to win by a knockout than in any other way. When looking at the markets and the available odds, you should factor this into your considerations. 

Know Your Implied Probabilities

When analysing a boxing fight, it is important to break down the odds into probability, as with any sport. For instance, if a fighter is priced with odds of -450, that equates to 78.6%. If you think that fighter is more or less likely to win than that, you may have found a bet. 

Changing odds into probabilities and back again is fundamental to boxing betting and becoming second nature if you practice. Fortunately, there are also plenty of online calculators available for free that will do the job for you, and many of these will also give you the facility to calculate decimal and fractional odds should you need to look at European or UK sites. 

The Stats

Unlike most US sports, boxing is not awash with stats. This means there is more room for those bettors who prefer a more subjective style, but that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore the available stats. Certain figures such as punches thrown/landed, jabs per round, and power punches per round are useful pieces of information and, combined with a detailed knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters, can add depth and edge to your betting. 

Jabbing Importance

Of these stats, the one that many regard as most significant is the jab number. It is often the case that the fighter who wins the jab battle wins the bout. Simple, if one fighter is throwing and landing more jabs than their opponent, it usually means that they are taking the lead and the initiative. If a fighter habitually out jabs their opponents, they are more likely to get the verdict if it goes to the judges. 


When you are betting on boxing, there is no substitute for knowing your fighters, styles, and abilities. Still, as with any sport, you also need to understand the role of the odds. The more boxing markets you look at, the better you will be at discerning good from bad odds and the greater your chances of success with your boxing betting.