Bombzquad member denies Deontay Wilder comeback ‘not happening’

Deontay Wilder Malik Scott

Ryan Hafey

Super lightweight Tay Jones [6-2, 2 KO’s] responded to a World Boxing News story stating Deontay Wilder was coming back in May for a shot at redemption.

WBN stated from an exclusive interview with Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott last year that the former WBC heavyweight champion would return in May once his Nevada suspension expires.

Jones, a valued member of the Deontay Wilder’ Bombzsquad’, replied to WBN’s article by stating our facts were ‘lies’ and that whatever we said is ‘not happening.’

Despite knowing that our statements were factual, Jones decided to take to the social media cesspit to divulge his thoughts. He failed to realize that his reply could get misconstrued and pushed into anything anybody wanted.

This scenario is what WBN did from merely two words – to make a point.

Calling us names and even implying that our’ journalism was horrible’, Jones once again used a social media platform to make his case.

He said: “Y’all should really do a better job in taking my words and putting it out of context!

“No interview or anything! Maybe you should direct contact me cause that’s you all third time not knowing anything such horrible journalism!

“Y’all stated opponents etc. That’s what I was referring to.”

Jones added: “How World Boxing News follow me but write wrong articles, even wrote an article about [when] I haven’t spoken with nobody over there and couldn’t even articulate anything!

“Y’all follow me, but the article you wrote BS too. But you’d know if you spoke with me or follow my YouTube.”

In clarifying what he meant, the boxer outlined that he was pointing out the opponents in the article were wrong, not the comeback.

However, using social media for this explanation is certainly not the best way to do it. And calling WBN out for not contacting him or asking for an interview shows what Jones wants – notoriety for his view – in our opinion.

Jones wants us to follow his YouTube, a platform that is the most well-known clickbait platform globally. If WBN ever needed to go to YouTube for stories, that’s when we’d leave the sport for good.

Our articles never get taken from a ‘horrible journalism’ stance. We even contacted Malik Scott for a follow-up interview with award-winning writer Dan Rafael immediately during the first article.

The interview will hopefully get posted in the coming days.

Also, if we could, we would have gone straight to Deontay Wilder through Premier Boxing Champions Vice President Tim Smith, as we have done for many years.

Tay Jones Deontay Wilder
Tay Jones


But since around 2018, Wilder has not given many platforms interviews. He picks and chooses which one he does. Sadly, the big-punching star never accepts interviews despite WBN being close to manager Shelly Finkel and coach Malik Scott.

So, we would go straight to the source if we could. This scenario doesn’t happen due to no fault of our own.

Therefore, we have to do the next best thing – go to the trainer. And not a lower down member of his team.

Regarding ‘contacting’ him about his views, there is no contact information anywhere on Tay Jones’ social media.

There is, however, a clear contact email on the World Boxing News social media, something Jones could have used to express his views.

If you read this Tay, don’t hesitate to contact World Boxing News editor Phil Jay at

We’d happily use our ‘journalism’ to write a factual story – as we did in the first place.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. Follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.