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Five times Deontay Wilder caused audible gasps with absolute annihilation

Former world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is considered the biggest puncher in boxing today. His power knows no bounds when it connects on an opponent’s chin.

The spotlight turns on five times; the “Bronze Bomber” took out his opposition and audibly caused gasps from the crowd.

WBN has been lucky enough to attend a few of Wilder’s fights, and they always have an air of anticipation. Even when Wilder is behind on the scorecards, everybody in that arena knows it only takes one punch.

Not since the days of Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson has a heavyweight force been that exciting to watch.

Lewis and Tyson could turn the tide of a fight or end it instantly. Deontay Wilder does it on countless occasions himself.

Below are just five of many.


In January 2016, there was a punch heard around the world. It was one of those times when Wilder struggled to deal with his elusive opponent until one fateful blow.

That’s all it took in the ninth round, as Wilder famously stated he thought he’d killed Szpilka when he landed the knockout blow.


Wilder had a point to prove to everyone in a November 2017 rematch against the only foe to go the distance with him. His knockout record of stoppage every opponent had gone, but he wanted it back.

Wilder unleashed from the first bell and got the job done inside a round with three knockdowns – the final one devastating.


Another example of Wilder struggling to rack up points in a fight culminated in a stoppage that saw the rugged Cuban down three times.


The Barclays Center was the first time WBN experienced first-hand the massive gasps a Wilder punch can generate. Breazeale didn’t even get time to adjust in the fight when Wilder detonated on his chin ended the battle instantly.

Deontay Wilder KO

Amanda Westcott


In the second fight where WBN heard those audible shrieks from those in attendance, Wilder pummeled one blow through the face of Ortiz in the seventh round.

Ortiz stood no chance of making the count.


That was all she wrote as Deontay Wilder once again proved his credentials a significantly tremendous puncher – possibly ever to grace a boxing ring.

There could be much more of that to come in 2022.

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