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Nathan Cleverly, 34, urged to return to the ring in 2022 by worried fans

It’s been four and a half years since Nathan Cleverly announced his shock retirement as the Welshman sailed off into the sunset to live his best life.

Now finding his path with ‘the lord,’ the former light-heavyweight world champion holds one of the most intriguing social media accounts on Instagram.

World Boxing News has covered the channel on many occasions as ‘DJ Clev the G’ entertains his fans with one of the more alternative accounts shared by an ex-boxer.

But some believe it’s now time for Cleverly to give his old career one more shot. He’s still only 34 years old and looks in tremendous shape.

In response to one of his posts, a fan stated: “Nathan Cleverly. Get back in the ring, brother. Find peace. I hope 2022 brings you happiness. God bless.”

A second said: “Let’s have this Nathan back. Warrior 2022. The year you’re back in the game champ,” to a photo of ‘Clev’ with his title belt.

This concern seems to be pointing to some of those stranger clips Cleverly has released since walking away to spend time with his bodybuilding girlfriend.

Deeply religious, Cleverly looks to have ditched his old life completely, judging by pleas from some of his old friends.

“You’ve absolutely lost the plot, geezer,” said another follower on IG, as one more said: “Answer your phone, kid.”

A third stated: “You okay mate, do u need to see a doctor?”

Further constant replies to Cleverly’s account ask him, ‘are you okay mate’ and ‘get help’ – proving that there’s genuine concern for his well-being.

Nathan Cleverly Instagram posts


However, there’s no serious evidence of that from the man himself as he begins to post more videos after years of text rants and expletive-laden output.

But maybe there is one more shot at glory for Cleverly in the future?

The 175-pound division, or even cruiserweight for that matter, has solid options for a fighter like Cleverly. That’s if he decides to give it a final go.

Saying that – Cleverly looks content to live out his days in the sunshine posting with his other half and following the name of Jesus Christ.

If he’s happy, I say let him be.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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