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Jean Pascal, Jarrell Miller prepare for boxing return after drug controversy

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The two most significant drug failures in recent history, Jarrell Miller and Jean Pascal, are plotting a return to the ring.

Pascal and Miller, who shocked the boxing community with numerous adverse findings in tests, announced their intentions to compete again.

Despite fans calling for life bans after Pascal failed for four substances before facing Badou Jack and Miller for three, both contenders could see action in 2022.

Former world champion Pascal broke the record for the most substances in one case last year. He received a six-month ban and lost his WBA title.

The Haitian-Canadian is now allowed to compete again after stating he didn’t knowingly break the rules.

“I am shocked and embarrassed. I would never voluntarily take illegal substances,” said Pascal.

“I’ve always fought for a clean sport and will continue to do so. I’m one of the first modern boxers to insist on random testing.

“I’ve passed countless tests during my 13 years at the highest level of boxing. I want to assure all my fans that this is an isolated incident.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove it.”

Pascal added: “The Devil Works Hard, But I Work Harder!” and “justice is slow…as we’ve all seen…back to my good day!” on social media.


Regarding Miller, he popped dirty for three substances before losing out on a fight with Anthony Joshua in 2019.

A further positive took his tally to four in November 2020. He got another two-year ban on top of the one received following his last fight against Bogdan Dinu in 2018.

The latter finding came as Miller returned from serving out his first ban against Jerry Forrest.

‘Big Baby’ was banned for another two years but reduced to eighteen months on appeal for completing an awareness course.

Miller can fight again in the summer. He’s currently preparing by sparring top heavyweights after also denying any wrongdoing.

“This is something that got ingested,” Miller told Fight Network when found out in 2019. “We don’t know if it was contaminated, but we’re investigating as of right now.

“My team and I are just working due diligently to get the facts 100 percent straight.”

Asked point-blank if he knew what he was taking, he added: “No, I have never willingly taken a steroid for performance enhancement purposes. No.

“Did I take something for healing properties, for injury? Yes, I have. Before a fight to win a fight and during a training camp, no, I have never done that.”

Jerry Forrest
Dave Mandel / Showtime


Forrest, the man who was due to face Jarrell Miller in his 2020 comeback from a first punishment, spoke to WBN accusing his rival of a crime.

“I mean cheating, is cheating. At this point, Jarrell Miller is attempting murder,” Forrest exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I say that because he uses illegal drugs in a sport, we use our bodies. One punch can end our life cycle.

“So if he kills a man in the ring, is it an accident if he is knowingly using illegal drugs? The answer is simple for anyone. NO!”

Promotional issues still need to be worked out for both fighters moving forward.

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