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Home » Terence Crawford vs Top Rank ‘racial bias’ claims echo Floyd Mayweather

Terence Crawford vs Top Rank ‘racial bias’ claims echo Floyd Mayweather

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This week, Terence Crawford launched a bitter lawsuit against Bob Arum and Top Rank that echoes similar gripes made by Floyd Mayweather.

Despite having an ally in his quest, though, Crawford’s sensational allegations will take some proving in a court of law.

‘Bud’ set about tarnishing the name of Top Rank and Arum after failing to land a fight with Errol Spence Jr. by the time his contract expired.

After defeating Shawn Porter last November, Crawford posed with Arum as usual. The smiles hid the bad feeling bubbling inside Crawford.

Now, the man Arum took to becoming undisputed super-lightweight champion, welterweight ruler, and a pound-for-pound star says the 90-year-old promoter didn’t do enough.

Crawford believes that is due to the color of his skin.

Bob Arum Floyd Mayweather



Mayweather, way back in 2009 after leaving Top Rank and suing Arum himself, made similar accusations.

“I think I just got held back. But I could have been a bigger, quicker [PPV draw] if I wasn’t held back from PPV by Bob Arum,” Mayweather told

“I feel that my first PPV fight should have been with Angel Manfredy. Bob Arum is biased against black fighters; he leans towards Hispanic fighters and keeps them on PPV.”

Knowing Bob Arum myself, this has never openly been the case in my mind. On the surface, Arum has done nothing other than be open to pushing black fighters his entire career.

They include Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Floyd Mayweather.

None of those legends, except Mayweather, have ever expressed the views Crawford has today. This scenario could prove a huge sticking point in evidence for the litigation.


The eye-watering lawsuit makes the whole relationship between Crawford and Arum seem like a lie from start to finish.

“Arum continues to make racist and bigoted statements and purposefully damage the reputations of Black boxers without any consequences,” Crawford’s attorneys stated in the paperwork that WBN received.

“This is generally because the affected boxers, who are in long-term contracts with Top Rank. They fear that if they speak up, they will be placed on the sideline and not given the opportunity to fight during the life of their deal, which could be five to seven years.”

Terence Crawford Bob Arum

Mikey Williams

“[Top Rank Vice President Todd duBoef, who was] fully aware of Arum’s racist statements and disparate treatment of Black boxers, keeps his mouth shut waiting to take the helm of Top Rank after Arum dies or retires.

“Since Top Rank and [duBoef] will not police themselves. Do the right thing, and move forward as a responsible business in 2022. Crawford, who backs down to no one, will make them do so.


“By this lawsuit, Crawford shines a spotlight on the systemic racism that runs through Top Rank.

“Top Rank’s complete inability to properly promote Black fighters, and Top Rank, Arum and (duBoef’s) disparate treatment of Black fighters, including Crawford.

“[Bob Arum] has made millions of dollars exploiting individuals of color, including Crawford. It is painfully clear that Top Rank, and especially Arum, judges people based on their race.

“Arum’s sordid history with athletes of color, especially Black fighters. His bias favoring white and Latino fighters is well-documented and known throughout the boxing world.

“Arum makes no secret of his deep-seated bias against Black fighters.”

It’s powerful stuff from Terence Crawford that will play out in the public eye soon enough.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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