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96-0: Some people actually think Floyd Mayweather will fight Joe Calzaghe

A week ago, two boxing legends in Floyd Mayweather and Joe Calzaghe posed for a chance photograph at they both enjoyed time in Dubai.

The picture got circulated virally on social media with comments far and wide from those involved in the sport and fans.

Upon closer inspection, though, the lack of knowledge that is apparent on specific platforms – like Twitter and Instagram – is astonishing.

While some knew Calzaghe and Mayweather respected each other as undisputed champions of their time, some took it to the next level.

They somehow believed that Mayweather and Calzaghe were in Dubai to set up a super-fight exhibition of undefeated superstars.

At 96-0, there’s no denying any event would be a crowd-pleaser – even with the massive size difference. However, the lack of understanding of the situation is most alarming.

Much like the YouTuber argument, boxing fans in 2022 raise significant questions about where our sport is heading. It could be a rollercoaster ride for some professionals hoping to reach the once-sacred paid platform.

As more and more ‘influencers’ take spots up on the PPV events of top platforms, boxing needs fans to understand how the sport works.

Gaining a solid amateur background before entering the pros. Then nurturing your career with the right fights until you eventually reach the top is now a formula out of the window.

And seeing responses to a mere photograph that ‘boxing fans’ think Floyd Mayweather is truly fighting Joe Calzaghe is highly concerning.

Laughable at best.


It’s not the first time either, as WBN reported last August. When former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. posted a photo of himself looking in good shape, one fan hit the next level button regarding brain farts.

He said: “I want to see you in the ring with Floyd Mayweather!”

I mean, if you don’t know that Andy Ruiz Jr. is an active heavyweight contender and Floyd Mayweather is a retired 44-year-old grandfather by now, then there’s not much hope for you or the sport moving forward.

There’s over a one hundred pound weight difference!

Education is key. It seems to be badly lacking in the 2020s.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. Follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.