Regis Prograis reveals scary four-wheeler crash in Mexico, thanks helmet

Regis Prograis bike crash

Former world super lightweight champion Regis Prograis revealed a terrifying four-wheeler crash while on holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

Prograis, who is working his way back into title contention at 140 after losing controversially to Josh Taylor, took a bump a couple of days out from his return home.

Updating his fans on what happened, ‘Rougarou’ stated wearing a helmet stopped the accident from being far worse than it was.

“I flipped on the street on a four-wheeler today in Mexico,” he explained. “I hit my head hard on the concrete.

“If it weren’t for the helmet, I would’ve been out. It could’ve been a lot worse.

“All I could think about is what if I didn’t have my helmet on. Or if my kids were on it with me,” added Prograis.

Posting videos of his bike and four-wheeler procession through Cancun over the days he spent there, Prograis was seemingly living his best life.

The crash would have been a big wake-up call, especially to a boxer who has potentially millions of dollars to earn in the future.

Taking massive hits to the head is standard practice for a fighter. It’s what they deal with day in and day out. However, unnecessary whacks like the one in Cancun can end careers early if taken the wrong way.

Thankfully, Prograis is okay. He’s now focused on getting back home and back in the gym.


Outling his plans for 2022, Prograis stated: “This year, I’m going to start speaking up for myself.

“In the past, I let so many people slide because I just figured it doesn’t affect me.

“Now, if somebody’s trying to get over on me, I’m addressing that head-on and going to start cutting people off. I’ve always been too nice.

“Another thing I’m going to do different this year is to be more selfish. I’m always looking out for other people before myself.

“It’s hard for me to buy something without thinking about somebody else first,” he concluded.

Furthermore, WBN would like to wish Regis Prograis well.

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