Tony Bellew vs YouTuber eyed, vlogger ‘getting chinned would be exciting’

Eddie Hearn Tony Bellew

Ex cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew coming out of retirement to potentially fight again, is hitting the headlines after recent explosive comments.

Eddie Hearn wants to promote a fight between Bellew and a YouTuber who plays boxing by fighting wrestlers and calls himself a professional.

The desire stems from comments made by ‘The Bomber’ on a vlogger who is currently delusionally thinking he’s an actual boxer.

“First of all, I’ve got no hate or malice towards Jake Paul, crack on, do what you’re doing, it’s great,” Bellew told the DAZN Boxing Show.

“But in no way, shape or form can you claim to carry my sport, you absolute muppet. He hasn’t even fought a boxer yet.

“So how can you claim to be carrying the sport when you haven’t fought someone who comes from my sport. It’s unbelievable!”

He added: “I don’t [even] like the fact it’s labeled a boxing match because he’s not facing a boxer.”

Also speaking to DAZN, Hearn said: “I’d love to promote it.

“Anytime you can promote a fight where you can see Jake Paul get chinned would be exciting.

“Jake Paul just rubs everyone up the wrong way, but I do like what he’s doing.”

On why Bellew joined the vast majority of real boxing fans and media in panning this circus show, Hearn added: “People who’ve given so much to boxing, physically, emotionally, and mentally, will find what he’s said as insulting.

“I just laugh, but for someone like Tony, who’s dedicated his life to the sport, it doesn’t sit well with those guys.

“Hopefully, they can bump into each other, and we can see what happens.”

Eddie Hearn BJ Flores
Mark Robinson


Bellew vs. The YouTuber would bring back an old rivalry culminating in a knockout Liverpool Dockland’s Arena with a WBC title involved.

BJ Flores trains the ‘influencer.’ He’s a former boxer that Bellew battered to submission when holding the green and gold belt.

“I spanked his trainer. He wouldn’t say my name because he knows I would take his chin off his face.

“I’m not one of these fighters you poke at an event. If he poked me, I’m cracking him on sight.”

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