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Home » Oscar De La Hoya branded a liar over former Gervonta Davis opponent bid

Oscar De La Hoya branded a liar over former Gervonta Davis opponent bid

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Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya faced questions over an offer he says he made to former Gervonta Davis opponent Isaac Cruz for current star Ryan Garcia.

The Golden Boy boss revealed that a sizeable bid is on the table for Cruz to battle Garcia, returning from a break over his mental well-being.

Cruz carried himself well in a Pay Per View with Gervonta Davis late last year, enhancing his reputation in a decision defeat to ‘Tank’ on Showtime.

With his stock risen and comparisons to be made about who handles Cruz the best, ‘Pitbull’ is seemingly a wanted man.

But hold up. Isaac Cruz representative Sean Gibbons and Davis handler Leonard Ellerbe both questioned the validity of the negotiations.

De La Hoya had said: “It is very unfortunate Isaac Cruz’s team turned down a very lucrative offer, more than he made with Tank [for Ryan Garcia].”

Gibbons fired back immediately.

“Oscar, while I understand your desperation in showing Ryan Garcia you are doing something on his behalf in your role as his promoter.

“[But] do you think putting out a falsehood like this will impress him?”

Garcia himself chimed in to respond to De La Hoya’s initial revelation.

“Guess he was more like a Chihuahua than a Pitbull,” said the WBC title contender.

Again, it was up to Gibbons to respond in kind.

“Hey Ryan, while [Cruz] may have a few concerns in his life, fighting you is not one of them.

“If you are serious about wanting this fight next, we are prepared to make you an offer with a purse you deserve.

“Please tell us to whom we should direct that offer.”

Garcia replied: “I could care less if he’s concerned, scared, etc. You don’t need to be scared to get knocked out. Just let’s get this done.

“We both say yes, so it should be easy.”

Ryan Garcia


Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe, who looks after Davis, has always been skeptical of De La Hoya’s intentions to pit Garcia against Cruz.

He aired his views by stating: “Hold up, so you mean all this is a bunch of lies? But I thought they said? – Nevermind.

“It’s all a front and shame on the media who we’re pushing this dumb narrative.

“It all sounds good, knowing damn well it’s not happening. All of a sudden, watch how quickly this does a 360 – and a new targeted opponent appears,” he joked,

Garcia vs. Cruz does seem to be a solid fight on the face of it. But whether it’s too soon for Garcia after a long time out of the ring can be debated.

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