Champ turned boxing analyst savages hilarious YouTuber ‘Breakout Award’

Phil Jay

Former super welterweight champion turned DAZN boxing analyst Sergio Mora savaged a provocative “Breakout Boxer of the Year” awarded to a YouTuber.

Mora, who starred in The Contender alongside Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone, is not a fan of the vlogger in question.

Facing three ex-MMA stars known for their wrestling ability, Jake Paul won three ‘fights’ in 2021. But the fact he’s only in the sport due to the followers he gained from doing goofy YouTube videos online obviously doesn’t sit right with Mora.

Paul mocks the sport by claiming he could hang with Canelo Alvarez and other major stars. However, he’s never once fought an actual boxer.

The video clip presenter will never gain the respect of the actual boxing fans or media unless he does this soon.

Upon hearing that Sports Illustrated had given Paul their ‘Breakout Boxer of 2021’ trinket, Mora was astounded like many of us.

He said: “National Enquirer – NOT boxing,” before speaking to a fellow DAZN presenter who had a hand in the nod.

“Just finished having a heated debate with “clown enabler” [DAZN presenter] on WHY Jake Paul is NOT a REAL boxer and why his circus does NOT belong in boxing,” added ‘The Latin Snake.’

On Jake Paul fan then attempted to bring Mora around to the idea that someone who has no place in the sport should be given any trophy simply due to their number of followers.

They said: “He trains, he steps in the ring, and he exchanges punches with another grown man. That’s a boxer to me.

“And he didn’t spend years boxing with pillows on his hands and headgear before. If you ask me, he’s got more balls than most of you pillow punchers.”

Amanda Westcott


Mora struck back.

“That makes him a sideshow with an audience, NOT a boxer.”

He concluded with a message to anyone who thinks the ‘influencer’ can get away with not facing boxers during a boxing career.

“To the writers and boxing media that respect our sport enough NOT to follow the circus — I salute you!

“To the rest of you— dismissed.”


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