Opinion: Former cruiserweight turned YouTuber coach lives in dreamland

Jake Paul

Amanda Westcott

Former cruiserweight contender and now YouTuber coach BJ Flores made delusional comments that are very hard to agree with this week.

Sending out a note to media, Flores labeled Jake Paul “a superstar” despite most boxing fans WBN encounters thinking he’s not welcome in the sport.

Flores added that the vlogger “has exciting one punch power, speed and has an incredible work ethic” into the bargain.

Once knocked out by Tony Bellew, Flores also stated that the polarizing figure “has that X factor” and represents “can’t miss entertainment.”

I can certainly miss him. I, for one, haven’t watched a single second of any event where he’s topped the bill.

Those comments are hard to swallow in the grand scheme of things as the said YouTuber is yet to fight a boxer and continues to call out the likes of Canelo Alvarez.

In my mind, Paul isn’t fit to lace Canelo’s gloves and would fail miserably against any boxer in his weight class with an iota of talent to his name.

Nonetheless, Flores – who should know better – seems convinced despite living in a dreamland. Maybe the paycheck he receives from Paul has gone to his head?

I met BJ in Las Vegas and had a good chat with him once. There was no indication the one-time cruiserweight world title challenger would head down a road like this promoting these circus clowns.

“Remember, he is only 5-0 [zero boxers]. Jake is without question the biggest up-and-coming star in boxing. He has massive potential,” pointed out a delusional Flores.

“The sky is the limit. We have an excellent team in place. There is much more to come in 2022.”

Beginning the purposely written wording, the first four paragraphs of the media release sent out made for eye-watering reading.

They read: “Boxing’s newest superstar Jake Paul (5-0) put an exclamation point on his 2021 campaign with a highlight reel one-punch knockout of Tyron Woodley on December 18th in Tampa, Florida.

“The YouTube sensation had previously defeated Woodley via split decision in August.

“With the win, Paul went 3-0 on the year. He has knocked out each opponent he has faced in his young career.

“Only two of his fights have gone past the second round.

“At 24 years old, Paul is already established as one of the top ticket sellers and pay-per-view [the last PPV reportedly bombed] stars in boxing.

BJ Flores cruiserweight
Suzanne Teresa


“His coach BJ Flores is very impressed with the progress his pupil has made during his two years in the sport.”

The information ended: “Paul announced shortly after his most recent fight that he was going to take a short break from the sport and then return in the summer in another massive event.”

However, if Paul stayed away after the summer, boxing certainly wouldn’t miss him.

It’s a hysterically worded and carefully thought-of piece designed to big-up the vlogger in his pursuit of respect. In addition, if you don’t fight boxers and call yourself a professional boxer, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Blown-up wrestlers nowhere near your weight class just don’t cut it with the sport’s real fans.

Furthermore, grow some balls, fight a real boxer, or don’t bother. Really.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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