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Home » Mayweather CEO returns fire on Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia collapse

Mayweather CEO returns fire on Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia collapse

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe lept to the defense of his company again over a failed clash between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

Once again, talk turned to Davis facing one of the ‘big five’ in the lightweight division as Ellerbe took to social media to bate the two-weight champion’s detractors.

WBN’s Dan Rafael pointed to comments made by DAZN’s Chris Mannix over the fight, which collapsed when Garcia wanted to concentrate on a failed event alongside Manny Pacquiao.


Rafael, who spoke exclusively to Garcia recently for World Boxing News, said: “Always two sides to a story” when tagging Ellerbe in the Mannix chat.

Ellerbe instantly fired back.

“Duh, yeah, he kinda left out the part that shortly after I reached out and we communicated, Ryan was dealing with some issues and hasn’t fought since [then].

“How the hell am I supposed to send over an offer if he’s stepped away with some personal issues?”

Responding to Ellerbe, Rafael attempted to clarify the Pacquiao concentration.


“He was trying to get a Pacquiao fight done. So I don’t blame him for putting Tank on the back burner for that. It didnt work out, but that’s life.”

Not happy with the ‘back burner’ comment, Ellerbe came swinging.

“Tank never was on anybody’s back burner. He will never dictate anything that happens as it relates to Tank.

“If it happens down the road, it happens. Nobody is going to wait or chase him. By the way, all that talk about Pac was BS as well.

“Funny, how the Tank and his team tried to make that fight happen part never comes up. I guess some of the media didn’t think that was a “big fight.”

“Although I respect everyone’s opinion like I’ve said before, it really doesn’t matter what others think.”

Gervonta Davis Rolly Romero

Esther Lin



In response to a possible Garcia fight against Davis’ recent opponent Isaac Cruz, Ellerbe has insisted that bout will never happen.

“That fight [Garcia vs. Cruz] is not happening in his next fight,” he predicted.

“So, let me get this straight, he coming off a hand injury and been off a year, and his team going to put him in with Cruz?”

Finishing the conversation, Ellerbe outlined why he takes time out of his day to engage with his followers and those who question his moves.

“Lol, I come on Twitter just to have fun with you trolls. Honestly, I give zero what you or any of the other trolls think.

“Always remember you have to be a miserable mf to come on an app and attempt to criticize someone or something you know nothing about or could never do!”

Indeed, we won’t be seeing Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia anytime soon, judging by what transpired.

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