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Home » Canelo at cruiserweight: 60-pound leap would better Manny Pacquiao run

Canelo at cruiserweight: 60-pound leap would better Manny Pacquiao run

Delving deeper into the astonishing plan for Canelo Alvarez to fight at cruiserweight, the career leap in poundage would better that of legend Manny Pacquiao.

Canelo is currently plotting a WBC cruiserweight title fight against Junior Makabu for May 7th in Las Vegas. If Canelo pulls it off to become a five-weight world champion, his scale of divisional weights tops Pacquaio’s extraordinary eight-division move.

Despite Pacquiao going through more classes from 105 to 154, the 49-pounds the Filipino Senator managed would not be enough to fend off Canelo.

The Mexican superstar made his debut at 140 pounds. Therefore, going up a total of sixty pounds to cruiserweight and giving your opponents that scope sees Canelo take the honors on that score.

Regarding weight classes with world titles, Pacquiao picked his first-up at 112 and highest at 154 – a 42-pound jump. Canelo’s would be 154 to 200 pounds.

Again, that’s a win for Canelo on 46 pounds. That’s if he pulls it off against Makabu in 2022.

Canelo recently spoke to World Boxing News, discussing his achievements in cleaning out at 168, which led to thoughts of conquering cruiserweight.

He told WBN: “Look, what I see and what I know is I beat the number one fighter at 168. It was Callum Smith,” Alvarez pointed out. “Next, Billy Joe Saunders, second.

“Next, the third one (Plant). So, I beat all the best at 168. They were all undefeated.

“I beat all the best at 168, and now people are saying you need to fight this one [David Benavidez] like always.

Canelo Alvarez Manny Pacquiao

“This always happens. But I beat the best champion at 168. Then they say, ‘he’s scared of him’ or ‘he’s scared of that guy.’ I am not scared about anything.

“I don’t avoid anybody. But what does that guy (Benavidez) bring to me? Nothing. Nothing. Mention a champion they (Benavidez and Charlo) fight before.

“How many? I really don’t care. Haters are always going to be haters.”


Beating Makabu at a potential disadvantage of 20 pounds would certainly see Canelo shutting up a few detractors. Furthermore, his place above Terence Crawford and Oleksandr Usyk would only widen.

The WBN Fighter of the Year has the sport at his feet right, and you cannot fault him for continually eyeing historical feats.

Bridgerweight and heavyweight would go even further.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. In addition, follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.