WTF: YouTuber plays boxing by fighting wrestlers – and people buy it!

Phil Jay
Amanda Westcott

As World Boxing News has continually repeated, there’s a YouTuber playing boxing by hoodwinking fans to believing he’s carving out a career in the sport.

This scenario is not the case.

Nobody who truly sees themselves as professional would face non-boxers on Pay Per View for anything other than a money grab.

This way is not the way of our sport, and this is not what real boxing fans want.

‘It brings more eyes to the sport, blah blah blah. No, it merely degrades boxing and dilutes it with fans who don’t give two hoots if the sport excels or dies.

We need the gravy train to stop or those involved in this charade to get serious and be fighters.

In no other sport worldwide would anyone without the proper skills compete as a complete professional. They get given the stage hard-working boxers strive to reach in their career. It’s a travesty and a shame on those networks which allow it.


Sadly, only boxing, where money is king, would allow this sort of smokescreen in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

At this point in the utterly hollow run of YouTubers playing boxing, not one of them has stepped up to face a fully-fledged boxer.

It was due to happen earlier this month, but Tommy Fury, a novice boxer but still a boxer, got forced to pull out.

This fight would have been good to gauge where one of those YouTubers sits on the current boxing roster.

It fell through when Fury got injured. Tyson Fury’s brother was gutted and let rip with a truthful rant that included what everyone who knows boxing is thinking.

“To hear him after the fight calling out all these MMA people. I don’t get what he is trying to achieve with these UFC people,” said Fury on the UniBet Lowdown.

“He wants to be a boxer, doesn’t he? So fight a boxer. Stop calling out all these wrestlers and non-boxers.”


Forced to watch as the pair stunk up the place in an awful showing they charged a massive PPV fee for, Fury added: “I think it shows what sort of place you are in when the commentator says ‘this is pretty hard to watch now’ and the joking between the commentators asking ‘who won that round? Well, nobody.”

“That went on for well more than half the fight,” pointed out the undefeated fighter.

“It was very upsetting for me to sit there and watch it. If I had been in there, I know it wouldn’t have been going six, seven rounds, or whatever it was.

“For the first four or five rounds, the guy didn’t throw a punch. They were just wrestling each other.

“So for me to sit there and watch that. It was meant to be my night, my time. That should have been me in Tampa Bay, Florida, in front of thousands of people, and it will be me.

“I do believe my time will come. Frank [Warren, promoter] is trying to figure out the next date for ourselves to get that fight rescheduled because that is the fight I want next.”

Whether Fury will still get his chance remains up in the air as the YouTuber in question has gone back to calling out wrestlers.

Furthermore, if it all ended today, would anyone care?

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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