Three years, still no justice for Chris Van Heerden’s murdered father Daniel

Chris Van Heerden Daniel

Chris Van Heerden remains pained by the lack of justice father Daniel received when shot dead three years ago today in South Africa.

Daniel, 61, was shot in the back by a solitary bullet from the gun of security guard Sabelo Dlamini.

On December 27, 2018, the incident happened when Van Heerden and Dlamini had a row over stolen meat. Tragedy struck that day and remained an open wound.

Chris revealed his anguish before another Christmas without his beloved dad. A few days before the third anniversary of his death came around.

“Right now, three years ago was the last time I would hear my dad’s voice. If I knew it would be our last phone call, I would not have been in such a rush to say goodbye,” said welterweight star Van Heerden.

“Three years later and my dad’s murder trial is still pending. The South African justice system is a joke. RIP, dad.”

It came a year after ‘The Heat’ remembered Daniel a painful address on the second anniversary.

“Two years ago this very morning, I received that phone call every child fears, the phone call to inform me that I lost my best friend, my daddy.

“Dad was shot in his back and did not make it.

“As for me, I have peace, and I am healed. I could finally forgive myself for missing out on a physical relationship of five years with pops because I was chasing my dreams in America away from home.

“As for the man that took my dad’s life, well, even after footage showing how he opened fire on a man with nothing but a car key in his hand.

“That man is still walking the streets in South Africa as free as a bird.”

Chris Van Heerden father murder Daniel Van Heerden Sabelo Dlamini
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In January 2019, just days after the murder, Dlamini was allowed bail for just $350. He is still yet to face justice three years on.

Magistrate Willemse outlined his reasoning for the release of Dlamini, stating he had a ‘stable profile.’

Also that he is a ‘family man’ and ‘owns some property.’ He also has a ‘good work record’ and ‘is not a hardened criminal,” added the judge.


For the Van Heerden family to have some sort of closure, the South African justice system needs to put something in place to conclude this case.

Three years without even remand for a clear and present murder caught on tape is a laughable situation any distraught loved ones could do without during their mourning.

Chris Van Heerden has fought three times since his father passed. He won twice before a no-contest with Jaron Ennis just over a year ago.

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