ESPN host ridiculed about boxing knowledge is 100% correct on Jake Paul

Phil Jay

ESPN Sports host Stephen A. Smith has taken his fair share of boxing criticism, but nobody cannot dispute his views on YouTuber Jake Paul.

Smith, who once tried his hand at commentating on fights to comical effect, blasted the vlogger over his continued Pay Per View offerings.

Paul faces non-boxers, mainly wrestlers that he out-weights by twenty pounds or more. Most of whom have been retired for some time.

Now, after going 5-0 and making millions of dollars from substandard PPV, Smith gave Paul a roasting.

“Jake Paul can’t get away with lying anymore,” Smith said on ESPN‘s First Take.

“He has been training with boxers and professional boxing trainers for more than four years, from my understanding.

“You knocked out a basketball player. You knocked out a guy in Ben Askren who was a UFC fighter. He was a wrestler.

“Tyron Woodley had the power to knock you out, sure. He’s knocked people out before, but he’s a wrestler.

“You’re not fighting boxers. And somewhere along the way, people gotta stop walking around, laughing and acting like it’s alright for you to be beating up on cats that don’t box while you’re calling yourself a boxer.”

Paul added further fuel to the daily boxing fire among the real fans. He told pound for pound king Canelo Alvarez, “I hope you’re training,” in what looks to be merely a young boy pretending to want to fight the men of our sport.

Amanda Westcott


Everyone knows that Canelo would take Paul’s head clean off his shoulder, something Smith touched on.

In addition, he stated: “That’s a joke. It’s an insult.

“Here’s the deal. Canelo’s the best in the world. He’ll knock Jake Paul out in one round, and he’ll take him out.

“But more importantly, Jake Paul hasn’t earned the right to be in the ring with somebody as serious, and as lethal, and as accomplished as Canelo.”

Despite Smith’s lack of actual boxing knowledge himself, and just from being a fan of the sport, we have to agree with him on that wholeheartedly.

Furthermore, fight a boxer or stop playing boxing. Simple as that.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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