The Fight Starts Now for DAZN announcer involved in serious bike crash

David Diamante DAZN

DAZN / Matchroom

DAZN ring announcer David Diamante was in critical condition when rushed to hospital following a motorcycle accident this week.

Diamante, the man with the silky voice who repeats the fighter’s surname, is now recovering after surgery for a miraculous survival.

According to those who spoke to him after the horror crash, Diamante is awake and lucid. He has to focus on recovering from damage to his spine and ribs.

Above all, it could have been a lot worse for the MC.

Promoter Lou DiBella and fellow boxing master of ceremonies Michael Buffer lead the good wishes to the American.

“Prayers up for David Diamante, who’s just begun recovery from an awful motorcycle accident,” said DiBella.

“Positive energy to him for a swift recovery and rehab. He has very serious injuries but sounds good. He can move everything, and his prognosis, with time and work, is good. Miracle.”

Buffer answered questions from worried fans who asked if Diamante would be okay.

He said: “Yes, he’s had surgery. I spoke to him today, and he’s very optimistic.

“David’s a fighter and has met big challenges in his life-this will be another one!

“The details will be his to disclose. But I’m sure we’ll see him back in the ring again strong, fit, and recovered!”


The World Boxing Organization also posted about the incident. They hoped Diamante would get back to full fitness.

“Our thoughts are with ring announcer David Diamante, who was recently involved in a motorcycle accident.

“We wish young Mr. Diamante a full and speedy recovery.”

WBO President Paco Valcarcel added: “Get well soon, my dear friend.”

Former boxer Nick Blackwell, who knows all too well how to recover from serious injuries, mimicked Diamante’s famous catchphrase when offering his best to the distinctively dreadlocked DAZN star.

“David Diamante was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Monday. He was taken to hospital in critical condition suffering from fractures to his spine broken ribs, and serious damage to his right knee. The fight starts now,” stated Blackwell.

Furthermore, WBN would like to wish David Diamante a swift recovery…recovery.

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