Middleweight contender labels YouTuber ‘a con artist’ after ex-pro props

Tureano Johnson middleweight YouTuber

A former top-rated middleweight contender let rip on YouTuber’s pretending to be professional boxers after witnessing a recent round of the freak show.

Tureano Johnson, who fought Jaime Munguia last year and has shared the ring with Jason Quigley, let rip at what he called the ‘con artists’ infiltrating our sport.

The Bahamian star, who is 21-3-1 in the paid ranks, also blasted ex-cruiserweight ruler Steve Cunningham for giving the vlogger props on social media.

Cunnigham had stated: “I sparred with [said YouTuber] for two weeks last month. I immediately noticed he’s better than people think.

“He’s not just a “YouTuber” – he’s putting in the work to be better. Also, he has a solid team around him that pushes him.

“People need to remember boxing is the entertainment biz,” added ‘USS.’


But Johnson, like many in boxing, disagreed with Cunnigham. He went so far as to say YouTubers in boxing think the sport ‘is a game.’

“It’s people like this what is wrong with boxing,” said Johnson. “Those YouTubers can’t be called boxers.

“Let them fight a real boxer, and they would get killed. You think boxing is a game. You guys are just a bunch of con artists.”

Strong words from Johnson. The spat follows a torrid of disappointment in some sections of the media for covering the YouTuber over real boxing.

ESPN took heat for not covering a single professional event from Saturday night, barring one involving the ‘influencer.’

Joseph Parker’s win over Derek Chisora mainly got ignored at the time.

Tyron Woodley Floyd Mayweather
Amanda Westcott


“Disrespectful of ESPN and other major media outlets to give coverage to this garbage,” said one disgruntled fan.

“There are professional fighters who go 25 or more straight fights undefeated, most by KO, and they’re unknown to the masses.

“Some weak social media influencer decides to fight, and now this? Weak.”

The debate will continue until the YouTuber stops calling out the likes of Canelo when he knows full well he’ll get his rear end handed to him in seconds.

Furthermore, the consensus is if he wants to stop ‘playing boxing,’ he has to man-up or ship out.

Out-weighing wrestlers who never boxed by 20 to 40 pounds and proclaiming you’re this generation’s Mike Tyson just doesn’t cut it for respect.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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