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Former heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder urged not to retire from boxing

Deontay Wilder mentioned retirement recently got jumped on by many media and even brought a message from former opponent Tyson Fury.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ said he will weigh up his options in a contrasting view from his previous statements.

After losing to Fury for the second time, Wilder had outlined his willingness to continue. WBN also has good authority that Wilder is to get matched by Al Haymon with Andy Ruiz Jr. in colossal Pay Per View at the earliest opportunity.

That’s more than one reason to stick around.

Even Fury, who stopped him in seven and eleven rounds respectively, offered his encouragement to Wilder.

“My message to Deontay Wilder is keep going, champ, you can do it. I believe in Deontay Wilder. He will be heavyweight champion once again. You better believe that.”

Before the latest loss to Fury, Wilder wasn’t thinking about walking away at all.

“We in it for a reason,” he told the We Need Counseling Podcast. “I love it. I’m in love with it. But trust is hard to come by because it’s money. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

“It’s a sport that I love, and I’m going to continue to do it and show my greatness in it.

“I got a lot of things that I want to do in this sport. But politics play a big part in certain things happening.

“Management, promotion companies. Certain guys don’t want their fighters to fight certain guys because they plan for their guys.

“It’s a lot that goes on,” he added.

In October, Wilder spoke to Brian Custer to confirm a decision may be on the horizon.

“I feel it is getting close – retirement,” Wilder told Custer. “I’m seeking one face, one name, one champion.

“The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here.”

Deontay Wilder return


Whether that comes, this year or next year is the big question. But there isn’t a lack of options moving forward.

A return against Robert Helenius, Adam Kownacki, or Frank Sanchez would lead nicely to Ruiz Jr. in late 2022. By that time, a heavyweight title chance could also open up, or at the very least a final eliminator.

Boxing would undoubtedly be worse if a massive top division player walked away at this stage.

At 36, Wilder still has much to offer the boxing glamor division.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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