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George Foreman recalls Mike Tyson dodging another one of his hugs

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman explained an awkward first meeting with Mike Tyson when the pair stayed at the same hotel.

Fierce rivals during their careers in the 1990s, Foreman and Tyson eventually met face-to-face at the Hilton Hotel.

Foreman embraced ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ not once but twice. However, as he explained in a video, Tyson avoided any notion of a third hug.

“My first time meeting the great Mike Tyson. We’re staying at the Hilton Hotel. I think it may have been for a boxing match or some kind of presentation,” pointed out Foreman.

“Then, I saw – I walk out of my hotel room, and there’s Mike Tyson coming down the hallway.

“I charge him, “Hey Mike. I’m George Foreman. It’s nice to meet you! – We shook hands, and he went on his way.

“It hadn’t been two hours later, he was coming out of his room at the same time as I was coming out of mine just by coincidence, [I said] “Hey Mike!” and hugged him again. I was so happy to meet him.

“But that evening, I walked out of my hotel room. I saw Mike Tyson’s door partially opened as if he had opened his door and peeked out and looked around. He went back in until I got into the elevator. [Tyson] was like, “I’m not hugging this guy again!”


Foreman and Tyson once got linked to a blockbuster world heavyweight title fight depending on which interview you read or hear.

As Foreman explained, he believed Tyson’s power would not have been a deciding factor in any battle.

“Ali never told me to stay away from Tyson,” recalled Foreman.

“He did say, “Tyson can punch like a Blankety Blank.” He was really impressed with Mike.

“But for me, they (heavyweights like Tyson) were real fast (small with muscles). But they were no danger to me.”

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