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Home » ‘Tyson Fury is a strong paper towel, Tommy Fury is cheap toilet tissue’

‘Tyson Fury is a strong paper towel, Tommy Fury is cheap toilet tissue’

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Tommy Fury’s last opponent has spoken out after the brother of Tyson Fury pulled out of a clash with YouTuber Jake Paul.

Anthony Taylor, who went four rounds with Tommy on the Paul vs. Tyron Woodley bill against the odds, didn’t mince his words this week.

The American has got himself in the win column twice since the Fury fight. But he’s never been one to keep quiet when it comes to his ex-rival.


“You heard what Tyson Fury said? He said Tommy could have a broken arm, broken ribs, one left leg arm tied behind his back, no hands.

“On his worst day, he would still turn up and beat Jake Paul. He said all of this and now Tommy is pulling out,” Taylor told the Betway Insider Blog.

“I’ve been saying this for a long time – Tyson and Tommy are not cut from the same cloth.

“Tyson is that strong Bounty paper towel, and Tommy is cheap toilet tissue. I knew that Tommy was going to pull out.”

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Amanda Westcott

Continuing his berating of Fury, Taylor blasted the former Love Island star for not powering through and fighting anyway.


“It was big John Fury’s decision to pull Tommy out,” pointed out Taylor. “Big John’s the head trainer, and he decides whether Tommy fights or not.

“I can’t believe it. Big John should have told Tommy to suck it up.

“You’ve got someone like Deontay Wilder, who three weeks before his fight had his daughter going through surgery.

“There are people fighting all the time with broken hands before a fight. We don’t see or hear them here complaining like Tommy is.

“If Mickey Theo, the guy Big John Fury has had some beef with, had a son, he definitely would have made his son take this fight.

“I don’t know why Big John is not allowing Tommy to take it. I don’t care who you are. Anybody in the world with a broken rib and the flu will fight Jake Paul for a million dollars.

“That’s what Tommy was getting, a million dollars. Tommy Fury, in his last fight against me, made $15,000, and now you’re telling me that you don’t want to fight and make a million because you got a broken rib and the flu – it can’t be true?”

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