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Home » YouTuber labels boxer Tommy Fury a ‘shady b*tch’ for fight withdrawal

YouTuber labels boxer Tommy Fury a ‘shady b*tch’ for fight withdrawal

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On Monday, Novice professional Tommy Fury came under fire after pulling out of a lucrative clash with YouTuber wannabe fighter Jake Paul.

Fury was deep in camp for the December 18th battle and trained by his heavyweight title holding brother Tyson.

But just twelve days before they were due to meet, Fury withdrew, citing injury and illness.

Paul didn’t take it well as he drafted in Tyron Woodley for a second helping of their previous battle that saw the vlogger dropped but not counted.

“I’m a little upset. I don’t get how grown men can be such b*tches, pulling out of fights like this,” Paul told The MMA Hour. “I really wanted to knock the Brit out and make him the laughing stock of the internet.

“But I think he saw that coming, and he cracked under pressure, and I’m a little bit disappointed.”

On the reasons given for pulling out, Paul added: “So originally, it was just like a chest infection that we had known of. Then the broken rib thing they threw in there last minute.

“So I really don’t know. The whole entire thing seems shady,” he pointed out. “He lied about—the press conference in Las Vegas, he said his mom was sick so that he had to fly home, which wasn’t true at all.

“Tyson Fury has a history of pulling out of fights. He’s pulled out of five fights. The family is just sketchy.

“I feel like something else is going on over there that they don’t want to say, or they’re not as confident. He wasn’t having a good camp, or whatever it was.”

Jake Paul Tommy Fury OFF canceled


Furthermore, asked whether he’d reschedule the event, Paul concluded: “I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about it. For me, I almost don’t want to give him the opportunity.

“And let’s say I do. Let’s say I get over the emotional part of it, and I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll give him this opportunity. Who knows if he’s going to back out or have some excuse then, have the chest infection, or not show up at the press conference?

“So it’s looking bad for him. And part of me just wants to be cynical and not ever give him this payday or this opportunity ever again.

“He’s just an embarrassment. You let your country down, and you let your team down. You let a lot of people who hate me down.

“And you missed out on the biggest opportunity of your life, I think, and I think you know that.”

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