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What Games Should I Play Before Going to Bed?

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Playing games has practically become a national pastime for almost all teenagers around the world. It is seen that playing video games impacts teenagers’ minds before they go off to bed. The craze to play games makes them stay awake late at night, and this temptation of playing games seems to rise with every passing day. There are many different kinds of games available, including safe online casinos canada.

Playing games at night can revitalize the brain excessively. It relaxes and refreshes the mind when it is stressed and requires you to be calm and patient. In this article, we shall talk about a few such games that you can play before going to bed. So, continue to read this article if you are interested in learning more. We promise; it will help you when in need. 

  • Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the hit games and the most downloaded one from the application store. It is quite an addictive game that is fun and extremely engaging to play. The game introduces new levels and new twists at every regular interval, making the teenagers more aggressive towards clearing the power-up levels. These levels look very easy and lucid to play, but once you are into it and start playing, you shall know the game’s difficulty levels. 

The game rules are quite easy but clearing the levels is a challenging task. All you have to do is try and match three similar-looking candies to eradicate them from the rows and columns and bring in other candies into the screen. To clear a particular level, certain goals are set with a limited number of moves. Within that, the player has to achieve the goal and clear the level. If the player fails to achieve the goal and starts the same level from scratch, they lose a life that can be regenerated with time. 

  • Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a very fantastic puzzle game. It has small shapes that pop up in an imagined metro city area. You have to join the different coloured lines as the small shapes will join together and form a bigger shape. These small lines represent the passengers making their way to other stops without being interrupted by heavy traffic and unplanned routes. The game is easy to play, and it is easy to understand the rules as well. 

The game is widely open in about 20 different countries and has a multiplayer system in it. If you have a team of four players, then all four can play together in this game. 

  • Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an amazing runner’s game with a background view of beautiful snow-covered mountains, sunrises, and sunsets as the chosen character from the game rides his way along. It is a tricky game that includes unbarring new characters possessing new abilities and joining the tricks together. The more tricks the players complete, the more they can earn coins and catch up to new levels of the game. Every new level puts forth new challenges in front of the players, which keep them engaged in the game. 

It is an adventurous game where players can collect points, tap to jump rocks, collect coins to spend in the workshop, do flips, and leap chasms. When they crash or miss a jump, players have to start back at the beginning of the round, but their distance accrues as they play, and any objectives they meet carry over. Players also have access to change the character, purchase special suits from workshops, and upgrade abilities.

  • Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defence game where the player portrays the homeowner amid a zombie apocalypse. The player here has to defend his home by planting plants that, in return, fire projectiles on the zombies who would affect the home. For planting, the player has to earn’ sun,’ which is the game’s currency. If the zombies manage to enter the home or any other lane, the player loses and starts the game from scratch. 

There are different zombies in the game with different strengths and different weaknesses to the plants. The players can select different plant seeds of their choice at the beginning of the game and plant them while the game begins. The game has five stages in the Adventure mode, which consists of ten levels each. 

  • FireBoy And WaterGirl

Fireboy and Watergirl: online forest temple is a two-dimensional platformer. The game can be played as multiplayer and singleplayer too. The details of the game are quite secretive and only remain with the players. Suppose the player goes to the multiplayer zone, the application searches for another player on the internet. The only details shared with the other player are the player’s name as stated in their account. 

The players can collect diamonds and make their way to the exit and enter the new level. There are two coloured diamonds in the game. Blue ones are kept reserved for the Water girl, while the red ones are for the Firebox. The player needs to get the water girl and fire boy to the exit gate to make their way to the new level. It seems very easy, but once you start playing, you will know the difficulty of clearing the levels. One wrong step by the player drags them to the start position again. 

The Bottom Line

These games are good for playing before going to bed. Well, this was just a shortlist of games while there are some more. These are as follows:

  • Kami
  • Puddle
  • Journey
  • Radiant Defense
  • Flower
  • Animal pop party- Bubble Shooter: Forest Rescue
  • Pet Puzzle Paradise- Match 3: Animal Rescue tour.

Playing games before going to bed not only revitalises your mind but also makes your mind calm if you are stressed or under some pressure. It deviates your mind from the pressure of some situation to relaxation mode. While playing games before going to bed is good, make sure you do not play any brainstorming or complicated game. It might again affect your mental health. Excessiveness is bad. Similarly, you should not play excessive games before you doze off. This may lead to sleep deprivation which would eventually affect your mental and physical health.