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‘There were some issues with Oscar De La Hoya, the rehydration clause’

Oscar De La Hoya stands accused of not training correctly amidst issues with a rehydration clause before pulling out of a comeback with Covid.

That’s the view of Vitor Belfort’s coach Derik Santos, who was pitting his wits against De La Hoya earlier this year.

De La Hoya has since confirmed his desire to reignite his return from a thirteen-year absence. But Santos said it wouldn’t be against Belfort.

“We have not heard from Oscar De La Hoya. I don’t think we’ll see Oscar back in the ring. We know he had a problem with Vitor’s rehydration clause,” Santos told the Betway Insider Blog.

“I really think there were some issues there, and the writing was on the wall in terms of that fight falling through.

“I don’t think Oscar was ever training like he said he was training.”

On when Belfort will get back into action, Santos added: “It’s likely Vitor will return in the first quarter of next year.

“I see Vitor being busy for another year. Then he’ll probably re-evaluate. I think after a year, he’ll move onto new chapters of his life.”


Already thinking about his next move, De La Hoya wants to completely rid his body of coronavirus before attacking training in the New Year.

“Personally, right now, I’m not motivated because of COVID,” said De La Hoya in a video with his girlfriend, Holly Sonders.

“I was actually in great shape and then COVID hit me. So my morale right now is a little low in terms of me fighting in the ring personally.

“But come January, I’m sure I will get right back into it. I’ll start training again and prepare myself mentally first.

Oscar De La Hoya in hospital with Covid

“But I do want to get out there again, possible Cinco De Mayo,” he concluded.

Belfort last fought when blasting out Evander Holyfield in the first round of a Triller farce. His next fight should be against another big-name boxer.

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