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Devin Haney vs JoJo Diaz running order for Las Vegas

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Devin Haney and JoJo Diaz face-off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas tonight for the WBC lightweight title.

Tickets starting at $58 (plus fees) go are on sale NOW!

1.50pm PT first bell – LIVE on ‘Before the Bell’ on Matchroom’s YouTube channel


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Las Vegas Downey, California



“I want to start off by thanking God for this opportunity, this is a huge opportunity for me and my family. This is finally my time on the big stage to show what ‘m capable of, a lot of fighting come in there and say what they’re going to do. He keeps saying he’s going to dog me, beat the shit out of me, we’ll see.”

“Everybody has got a plan until they get into the ring, when it doesn’t work then we’ll see what it really is. He can say what he wants to say, I can say what I want to say, on December 4 I will go in there and I will show.”

“I don’t think there’s any pressure, at the end of the say I’m going to go in there and do what I’ve got to do. We had a great training camp, we studied JoJo, I feel like me and my team know JoJo know him better than his own coach. We know what he’s going to do, what he’s going to throw, we studied him so well we know the mistakes he’s going to make and the habits he has. We’re going to go in there and do what we do best.”

“This is what I feel with JoJo Diaz, he says he’s going to go in there and come right at me, we saw how that worked with George Kambosos with Teofimo Lopez, he had no respect and got caught. He can go in there and get caught with a big shot early, or I’ll beat the will out of him. You’ll see.”

“Of course, I’m the best lightweight, you guys will see December 4. I’ll be one step closer to having all the belts in the lightweight division, it all starts on December 4 and I can’t wait.”



“I’m excited for it, I’ve done everything and paid all my dues, not even inside this training camp but inside my whole career. Fighting the best opponents possible to make me ready for this moment, I’m ready for it and paid my dues inside of the ring. We had a tremendous training camp, brought in some good sparring partners as well, I’m ready to go out there and execute my game plan December 4th.”

“I already know this is the moment I’ve prayed for my whole entire life. For God to be blessing me with this opportunity, I’m ready. I haven’t been cutting any corners, I’m just built the way I’m built and I’m going to go out there and execute what I’ve got to do.”

“It’s going to be a tough fight because we’re both smart fighters, I’m not just going to be a brawler in there I’m going to go in there and do what I have to do to be victorious. I’m going to go out there and hurt him to the body, hurt him in top, but also show my boxing skills as well. I’m a 2012 Olympian, I’ve fought in there with the best fighters in my divisions in the past, Tevin Farmer, Gary Russel Jr, all these guys. I’m planning on doing the same with Devin Haney.”

“My main focus in Devin Haney and beating the shit out of him, taking his will and soul come Saturday night. That’s my main focus right now is just going out there and punishing him.”