No complaints from Deontay Wilder this time, just steely determination

Deontay Wilder after third Tyson Fury fight

Sean Michael Ham

Deontay Wilder has vowed to get back in the ring once he’s fully recovered from a hand injury and says he’s got no complaints about his defeat to Tyson Fury.

After their rematch, Wilder got accused of “not taking it like a man” as trainer Mark Breland stopped him following seven one-sided rounds.

Forcing the trilogy through arbitration, Wilder gave a superb account of himself in the third installment. Dropping Fury twice more, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ showed he still has a lot to offer the sport in a Fight of the Year shoo-in.

Discussing what’s next for him, Wilder spoke to his partner Telli Swift on her podcast to reveal how he’s feeling.

“I’m doing great. We didn’t get what we wanted. But I think we got something even bigger out of it besides just a victory,” Wilder told Tell Talks. “No complaints at all. We just move forward,” he added.

Wilder stated whether he would continue in the sport: “This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come from me.

“You come up to a certain point, as humans we feel we come up to a dead-end or we fail, we think this is it for us. But when you’re traveling along your journey, nothing should be ‘this is it.’

“For me, this is not it. This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come from me.”

Deontay Wilder return


Following a five-year reign as WBC heavyweight champion, the American remains ranked number one. He’s in prime position for another crack at the title.

Wilder needs a big win first of all, potentially after a warm-up fight once his injury is back to one hundred percent, with Andy Ruiz Jr. the obvious goal for 2022.

“I do still have goals in the sport, and that’s why I still have a love for it. I’m looking to accomplish the goals that I still have left,” he pointed out.

“I broke my hand, so I’m in a healing process right now. Once this is over, I’ll resume training for sure.

“Boxing is a year-round sport, so you’ve always gotta be prepared, you’ve always gotta stay ready.

“After this, I’m looking to get right back in it,” concluded Wilder.

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