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‘Anthony Joshua is psychologically similar to Wladimir Klitschko’

According to a man who knows the latter very well, Anthony Joshua is psychologically similar to Wladimir Klitschko in terms of his mental state going into a fight.

Bernd Boente, Wladimir’s right-hand man as the younger Klitschko brother, dominated the sport, sees a pattern emerging with Joshua.

Like Klitschko, especially in the earlier years, Joshua needs to ‘feel good’ before going into a massive world title fight, says Boente.

Elaborating on what he means by that, Boente spoke to Vegas Insider in-depth.

“I recommended Emanuel Steward to Wladimir. This change happened because Wladimir really didn’t feel very good after that loss to Corrie Sanders.

“He tested some different coaches, as you’ll remember,” said the long-time manager. “And when I called Emanuel and set up a meeting between him and Wladimir, the rest is history, as we both know.

“With Emanuel’s support and his different tactics and his very close relationship, Wladimir came back stronger than he had ever been before. After that, he was undefeated for almost ten years. AJ can do the same.”


On their mentality being comparable, Boente added: “Yes, absolutely there are similarities between Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua.

“The psychology is very decisive here for AJ in the rematch. I mean, I think he’s a guy like Wladimir. He has to feel good before a fight, he needs a psychological high, not question marks in his head, and then he can win the fight.

“Anthony Joshua also has to feel good in the ring. I only know that psychology is the most decisive thing for AJ in the rematch, and he has to solve that question and the coaching question.

“AJ’s tactics have been rightfully called into question. But let’s not forget, especially looking at Wladimir’s losing Corrie Sanders performance, that he’s not the first fighter that had a complete off night. Also, he won’t be the last.

But without question, he can come back stronger.”

Anthony Joshua Oleksandr Usyk

Mark Robinson


Joshua needs to muster all his strength and determination if he wants to dethrone Oleksandr Usyk in a high-profile rematch. Usyk dominated the fight last time out.

The Briton, like many before him, had no answer to Usyk’s unbelievable ring skills. This rematch remains a conundrum Joshua has to figure out quickly.

Whether that means a new coach with an American flavor is yet to get uncovered.

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