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New superstar George Kambosos takes huge fan ‘L’ after YouTuber post

It was all going so well for new lightweight superstar George Kambosos Jr. until a fan backlash hit the unified champion where it hurts.

The likable Australian posted an innocent photo of himself engaged with a wannabe boxer YouTuber when it all went wrong for George.

Seemingly placing himself below Jake Paul in the sport’s pecking order by stating: “When you’re getting the love from Jake Paul, you know you’re doing something right,” Kambosos got greeted with condemnation by the vast majority of responses.

Kambosos added: “Thank you, brother, for the support, your time December 18,” before his timeline blew up.

Judging by the replies, not many agreed with the undefeated 135 ruler giving props to the vlogger.


Here is just a selection from the hundreds aimed back at George, who looks to have taken a huge ‘L’ with some fans.

“You’re an undisputed world champion. You don’t need validation from some YouTuber.”

“Come off it, George! You’d swear it was a boxing icon!”

“Well, this didn’t end well.”

“Don’t turn to the dark side George.”


“I was about to become a George Kambosos fan but not anymore after seeing this.”

“Everything was great up to this tweet!”

“George, now I’m disappointed.”

“Unfollow, unfortunately.”

“A YouTuber, really?”

“You were this close to greatness… smh.”

“Urgh, it was going so well.”

George Kambosos Jr
Ed Mulholland

“Absolutely amazing performance that no one expected, and I wish you all the best for the future. There are going to be some exciting fights you are involved in. Please don’t discredit yourself as it’s the other way round, mate. You’re a pro fighter. Giving him a mention means he’s doing ok not you.”

“Wise up, George, you’re better than that!”

“Just when I thought I could be a fan.”

“Sorry, George, that’s a unfollow.”

“Oh lord, what are you doing?”

“Lost all credibility right there.”

“Ffs George, you ruined it now.”

“I love George Kambosos, but supporting Jake Paul is just B.S.”

Furthermore, about 5% of comments were positive from glancing through the backlash from what is evident.

Paul certainly has work to do with a significant portion of the boxing fraternity to gain the credibility he craves.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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