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‘Nobody over here likes broken toe tool David Haye, most can’t stand him’

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Vitor Belfort’s trainer Derik Santos blasted British former two-weight world champion David Haye, in an astonishing warpath rant ahead of the UFC legend’s return.

Santos oversaw Belfort’s easy and punishing exhibition win over Evander Holyfield. He is currently on the lookout for an opponent in 2022.

Belfort is returning in the spring of next year, but one person not in the frame is ‘The Haymaker’ following his fight with Joe Fournier.

Giving Haye both barrels for not only fighting Fournier, but Santos also looked back to his fight with Wladimir Klitschko in 2011.

Haye lost on points when challenging Klitschko for the lineal crown. He cited a busted toe for a restricted performance on the night in Germany,

Discussing Haye’s tenure and perception in the United States, Santos didn’t hold anything back.

“David Haye is a tool. He has nothing to talk about. He’s disappointed British fans on more than one occasion,” Santos told the Betway Boxing Blog.

“Haye went twelve rounds and did nothing with a supposed broken toe, not throwing any other punch but a flinging jab against Klitschko.

“He fleeced everybody with Klitschko. And then had the nerve to come out here with Fournier, walk around with his buddy, and get paid for that. Then call out Tyson Fury.

“He’s a tool. Nobody over here cares about David Haye at all. They all think he’s a tool. Most people here can’t stand him.”

Victor Belfort

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On Belfort giving Haye an opportunity, Santos continued: “He has no idea what he’s talking about. He has no idea how hard Vitor Belfort trained to get back.

“He’s irrelevant. His fight with Fournier was a total farce of a fight. For that reason, I’d want nothing to do with anything that puts a ton of money in David Haye’s pocket.

“I rule him out for Vitor’s next fight. He’s irrelevant. Nobody cares about him here. There’s no interest in that at all.”

Strong stuff from Derik Santos. Furthermore, the heavy fire comes after Haye recently got spotted in a floor seat at the Terence Crawford vs. Shawn Porter fight.

Audley Harrison, another opponent Haye took criticism for fighting on Pay Per View, was sitting alongside him.

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