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Home » Would Manny Pacquiao be treated the same? – Yordenis Ugas saga dwells

Would Manny Pacquiao be treated the same? – Yordenis Ugas saga dwells

Questions on whether Manny Pacquiao would get the same WBA treatment are prominent this weekend as Yordenis Ugas continues to channel his frustration.

The welterweight champion and the man who retired Manny Pacquiao in August – received the news this week that he must abide by the World Boxing Association’s order.

This outcome happened despite appealing the WBA’s ruling that the Cuban must participate in a four-strong tournament. The competition got ordered when the WBA promised fans there would only be one sole champion at 147 pounds.

Therefore, in October, WBA President Gilberto Mendoza ordered ‘regular’ champion Jamal James to face Radzhab Butaev. Butaev then dethroned the former opponent of Ugas.

The next fight in line is Ugas vs. Eimantas Stanionis. A purse bid will get called soon if both fighters don’t agree.

Ugas still wants to fight Errol Spence after they reached an agreement earlier this year. But knowing the WBA’s stance, Ugas has decided to get back in training to defend his title.

He knows if he doesn’t, the WBA will strip him of the belt and order Butaev vs. Stanionis.

Support on social media is rife in favor of Ugas and against the WBA, though. One fan even stated that the WBA would never treat Manny Pacquiao the same way if he were still the champion.

As grateful as ever to his supporters, Ugas said: “Thanks to you and everyone who supports Cuban boxing.

“We are a few of us who have abandoned our families and our country to become a professional.

“I received massive support with this situation. Thanks to everyone who has supported me. I’m Grateful,” stated the 35-year-old.

Errol Spence Yordenis Ugas

As good as it is to get that backing from his fanbase is, the truth is the WBA did Pacquiao dirty when stripping him of the title entirely and handing it to Ugas in the first place.

Had Errol Spence never got injured before facing Pacquiao, Ugas would probably have never got his chance in the first place. Therefore, it’s a double-edged sword.

Ugas would have been in the tournament anyway, and possibly why it could be a big reason the WBA is taking such a hard line.

With Spence off the menu, for now, Ugas still hopes Terence Crawford comes across to the PBC stable to eventually put together a tournament of their own for undisputed status.

“The welterweight champs Crawford and Spence are making Hall of Fame careers. It is an honor to be a champ in the same era as them,” pointed out Ugas.

“Hopefully, Crawford comes to Premier Boxing Champions and has a great tournament to get undisputed at 147 pounds.

“It would be a great gift for all the fans,” he added.


Knowing he now has to beat Stanionis, Butaev, Spence, and Crawford to even get to the end of his ultimate goal, Ugas has begun the task of getting in his best shape.

“I’m starting little by little after surgery, the second in a year and the holidays,” explained the Manny Pacquiao conqueror. “But today, I ran 45 minutes.

“I did 500 sit-ups, neck exercises and finished with the sauna. Wow, my body will hurt tomorrow. I’m not 20 or 25 anymore.”

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