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Tyson Fury admits he ‘had two pints’ of beer before Deontay Wilder fight

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has admitted having a couple of beers before taking on formidable puncher Deontay Wilder.

‘The Gypsy King’ was approaching the biggest fight of his comeback in 2018 but still managed to gather his thoughts by having a pint or two in the bar.

A move that would be highly inadvisable to many a nutritional expert these days, Fury says: “It teaches you to relax and enjoy the fight. That’s what it’s all about.”

Speaking to JOE, Fury added that fighting men back in the day would “have a bottle of brandy before fighting 20 or 30 rounds.” He believes fighters today should adopt this old-school method more in this era.

He added: “It didn’t do me any harm.”

However, some might disagree, given that Fury almost got wiped out in that twelfth round against Wilder. He got up, though – somehow, and the rest is history.


Fury spoke at the UK media event for brother Tommy’s ‘fight’ with YouTuber Jake Paul.

The two-time heavyweight champion of the world was in fine form as he discussed the fight.

“This is entertainment. These two young fellas are going to go out there and put it all on the line. Somebody is going to get beaten. Someone’s ‘O’ has got to go, and that’s how boxing works,” said Fury.

Jake is over there in Puerto Rico training hard. Tommy is here in Morecambe training hard.

“On December 18, poor old Jake Paul is going to get severely knocked out, and that’s it.”

Tommy Fury
Queensberry Promotions


Furthermore, sitting alongside Tyson and father John at the presser, Tommy said: “I’m feeling good.

“I’m fit, ripped, and ready to go as always. I’ve done hard work on the road. Hard work in the gym.

“I’m sparring top-quality operators. Olympians, world champions.”

Dad John and elder sibling Tyson threatened to disown Tommy if he failed to beat a talentless influencer who never boxed until a couple of years ago.

Tommy himself is undoubtedly recognized as a novice but comes from fighting stock. He has to win, no question.

How many pints will he down before taking on a non-boxer?

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