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Jake Paul compared to former President Donald Trump in expert analysis

In an expert analysis of the YouTuber’s makeup, wannabe boxer Jake Paul got compared to former President of the United States Donald Trump.

Paul, who will face his first’ pro fighter’ in novice Tommy Fury on December 18, was recently the subject of body language guru Judi James.

As the content provider turned MMA targeter pushes forward in a bid to hoodwink fans into believing he can be a champion, James gave her view on how Paul can get perceived in the public eye.



She explains her stance in expert analysis of Jake Paul’s body language how it works.

“Jake Paul is to boxing what Trump was to politics. The non-pro outsider whose very different approach turns out to be every bit as intimidating to his opponents as he constantly threatens to defy the odds and turn the world of boxing on its head.”

James continues: “The press clearly loves his eloquence. And that in itself could create cognitive confusion in his opponents in the same way that Trump did on his way to the White House.”

Whether that will work on Fury is another matter. Despite his lack of big fight action, ‘TNT’ Tommy comes from fighting stock.

Jake Paul Tommy Fury



He’s the brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and will get ridiculed back to the UK if he loses. His elder sibling and father John have both threatened to disown him if he loses. Therefore, the stakes are high.

Fury dropping to a defeat against a YouTuber would be an impossible situation to find himself in. But saying that, the seven-figure payday would certainly soften any blow.

Should Fury win, though, ending the Jake Paul gravy train in the process, he’s already looking at facing his opponent’s older brother Logan.

This scenario means fans will have to put up with further YouTuber antics in the future. When will it end?

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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