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Home » Chris Eubank Jr labels Liam Williams ‘all fart no stink’ – fears pullout

Chris Eubank Jr labels Liam Williams ‘all fart no stink’ – fears pullout

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Since the pair squared up at a press event, Chris Eubank Jr. has revealed fears of a Liam Williams cancellation on more than one occasion.

The former two-time IBO champion and British belt holder didn’t hold back with choice words for ‘The Machine.’ Eubank is heavily favored to come out on top. This fact may have heightened Eubank’s mindset on the matter.

Since they went face-to-face, the Brighton man believes the Welshman is backing out, and an official pullout may be imminent.

Eubank questioned: “Please don’t tell me after all your s—-talking you are trying to weasel your way out of the fight crying about a training injury?

“I know I buried you in ‘The Gloves are OFF’ interview and labeled you a bottle-job but surely your not going to bottle it this early?”

He then added: “Hey Liam’ Wettiams’ if you’re bottling it as I said, you would hurry up and put out your sob story apology to the few fans you have left so I can find another opponent.

“You may not have the heart to fight me, but there are other fighters that do,” before hashtagging ‘All Fart No Stink.’

After staring into Eubank’s eyes, Williams stated he was raring to go when saying: “[A] Long day of press done. I can’t wait to get my hands on this clown!

“Also, what the f— does he look like? The pathetic p—- is getting bashed up!”

Chris Eubank Jr. Liam Williams


What has changed Eubank’s mind since then? – Well, if Williams does make way for another fighter, it will have to be soon.

The clash had been announced to fanfare after overtaking Conor Benn and Katie Taylor’s appearances on the same night in the minds of the British fight fans.

Eubank vs. Williams has all the makings of a war. Therefore, hopefully, the rumors are not valid, and the fight will go ahead.

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