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Triller lawsuit launched over “Triad Combat” triangle-shaped ring

Miami-based BYB Extreme Fighting Series, and its parent company, Lights Out Productions, filed a lawsuit today against Triller, Triller Fight Club, FITE TV, and Triller’s owner, Ryan Kavanaugh, over Triller’s unauthorized and unlawful use of BYB’s patented TRIGON triangle-shaped fighting ring.

Launched in 2015 by former NASCAR team owner and promoter Mike Vazquez, along with Jose Suris and spokesperson Dhafir Harris (DADA 5000), Lights Out and BYB have spent the past six years blazing trails in bare-knuckle fighting with its innovative, and uniquely shaped triangle ring identified by the TRIGON trademark.

Lights Out owns two design patents, two copyright registrations, and two European design registrations for its TRIGON designs, along with numerous trademarks associated with its bare-knuckled fighting events.

Said Vazquez, “We have, since 2015, invested a significant amount of capital into BYB and our Triangle ring design, the TRIGON. Upon seeing Triller’s blatant copy of our patented ring design, we made our best efforts to communicate and solve the situation amicably. Unfortunately, we were absolutely rebuffed.

“Incredibly, Triller and Hollywood exec Ryan Kavanaugh believe they can roll over us and our intellectual property rights. We are here today to demonstrate that we won’t sit by quietly and let that happen. It’s a combat sport, and we are ready for the fight.”

It is well known that BYB and FITE TV are no strangers. Since 2018, BYB and FITE TV have worked as partners in bringing BYB’s events and BYB’s TRIGON ring to FITE TV’s digital streaming platform.

FITE TV has broadcast four of BYB’s events, including the March 2020 show where the TRIGON ring was first televised. In promoting BYB’s events, FITE TV, referenced the “revolutionizing” and “patented” TRIGON ring, acknowledging the innovation that BYB has brought to the sport.

Additionally, BYB’s fight director had detailed conversations with Kavanaugh and specifically mentioned to him that Triller might want to affiliate with BYB and offer Triller Fight Club events using the TRIGON ring. Less than two months later, with full knowledge of BYB and its patented TRIGON ring, Triller announced, and is selling tickets and pay-per-view subscriptions, for its “TRIAD COMBAT” event on November 27 in Arlington, Texas, using a plagiarized version of the

TRIGON ring and illegally trading on the consumer recognition and immeasurable goodwill built by BYB’s tireless works, promotion, and investment in the TRIGON patent and brand.

Vazquez added, “We made numerous good-faithed efforts to address the situation and protect our proprietary design and intellectual property rights. Upon news coverage of the November 27 event, we even promptly reached out to Triller. My emails went unanswered and our attorney’s letter to Triller did not seem to leave an impression.”