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Floyd Mayweather rules out return – again, unconcerned on 50-0 record

Floyd Mayweather once again denied he’ll be making a return to the sport and says someone will break his outstanding 50-0 record one day.

Speaking at the WBC Convention and to a World Boxing Council reporter, Mayweather said he’s happy with how his boxing career went.

The “Money” man added that his cash flow is coming in from other sources due to his savvy business deals. Therefore, there’s no further need for him ever to fight again.

“No [I won’t be making a comeback], I’m ok. Floyd Mayweather made a lot of smart investments,” said the former pound for pound king.

“One of the buildings I own is the tallest commercial building in America. You know, so if you get a chance, go to New York and check it out.

“This is my ninth skyscraper,” he pointed out when turning the conversation to promoting one of his investments.

Asked about those who influenced his achievements, Mayweather stated dedicating his younger years to the sport made him who he is today.

“No one in boxing knows the sport like me. You know, concerning all the punches and feeling my way around the ring. That has been my whole life,” he stated.

Floyd Mayweather 50


On whether he’s concerned, his 50-0 record gets surpassed by the likes of Gilberto Ramirez [42-0], Terence Crawford [37-0], or Jaime Munguia [38-0], Floyd Mayweather once again let the question slide off his back.

“Nobody thought that after Joe Louis or Sugar Ray Robinson, that Muhammad Ali was going to come along,” the five-weight world titleholder highlighted.

“They didn’t think Mike Tyson was going to come. They didn’t think Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar de la Hoya, or me [was going to come].

“You never know what’s going to happen in the world of boxing,” concluded Mayweather.

With Canelo Alvarez heading up to cruiserweight, another move confirmed at the Convention, the Mexican superstar can equal Mayweather’s five-weight world champion achievement.

Mayweather remains the only fighter to defeat the formidable undisputed super-middleweight champion. Something nobody can ever take away from him.

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