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Dillian Whyte shoots himself in the foot, Tyson Fury chance likely delayed

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Dillian Whyte has shot himself in the foot as a WBC lawsuit looks set to stop the Briton from potentially fighting Tyson Fury next.

Whyte was due to be named as mandatory on Tuesday. However, a Whyte legal bid against the WBC has to be resolved first.

Fury may now be able to face a challenger of his choice from the WBC Top 15 Rankings. This scenario unfolded is despite trainer SugarHill Steward giving WBN his view on who the WBC heavyweight champion will face next in a recent interview.

Steward, the mastermind behind top division domination by Fury in recent years, believes the man in the opposite corner should be a fellow Briton.

Fury is lined up for a homecoming in the spring back on UK soil. Steward believes Whyte should be that challenger.

“Let’s have it. Dillian Whyte, he’s a veteran. He’s been out there. He’s been working hard for a lot of years,” Steward exclusively told World Boxing News before confirming that he thinks Whyte has deserved the spot.

“For him to be at this spot is great. I’m sure he wished his (situation) moved forward faster. But he’s at the spot where he is right now. He’s holding it down tight. I think he’s one of the top guys and should be next in line.”

Developments at the WBC Convention this week have certainly stirred the pot. Whyte may now look to drop the legal case to get his opportunity.

If it happens, Steward gave his thoughts on the clash.

“I haven’t seen too much of him. But I did see his two fights with Povetkin that he had.

“He showed a lot. He got careless and got knocked out. But he came back and took care of that business.

“He’s a man who takes care of business, and he’s a man who wants to fight. He loves to fight. He’s an exciting fighter.

“He’s knocking someone out, or he’s getting knocked out, one way or the other. That’s excitement. And that’s exciting for boxing.

“That’s the same style we have. We knock somebody out. So that’s great – two men who can knock each other out.

Tyson Fury Dillian Whyte


“But there’s really nothing to talk about until the fight gets made because you’re going to talk about Dillian Whyte, Dillian Whyte, and then all of a sudden that doesn’t happen, and Tyson’s fighting somebody else.

“So, now you have to shift gears and change the page. Just keep it open and then put a stamp on it when they say it’s Dillian Whyte. You put a stamp on it like it’s your passport.”

Furthermore, Fury vs. Whyte would have been a first WBC mandatory for some time. If it does get worked out, Deontay Wilder would be left holding the number one spot and looking for a possible WBC eliminator in his comeback offering.

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