Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather gets mobbed in Mexico City

Floyd Mayweather in Mexico City

This week, Floyd Mayweather hit Mexico for the World Boxing Council Convention and got mobbed by a swarm of fans as he arrived.

The five-weight world champion and all-around boxing legend got hit with a wave of love from the Mexico City faithful, known fanatics of the sport.

Mayweather, who retired in 2015 from competitive fights and returned for a one-sided win over Conor McGregor in 2017, is one of many guests of honor at the 59th annual event.

Due to his substantial accomplishments and pushing Pay Per View to another level, Floyd Mayweather gets widely regarded as the best fighter of his generation.

Wins over Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, and many more world champions put Mayweather in a league of his own.

Not to mention Mayweather owns a whole host of WBC belts.

As the Convention opened, President Mauricio Sulaiman gave the gathered population of boxing royalty a warm welcome. He also mentioned the troubles of the pandemic that stopped the event from taking place previously.

“We are here in Mexico City for this great Convention. During the great darkness of humanity, boxing stood up with determination and with passion,” said Sulaiman.

“We need to praise and recognize the promoters and the fighters who didn’t have gyms in which to train. But today, here we are!”

Sulaiman also reserved a special mention for Floyd Mayweather.

“Boxing is the most fantastic sport because boxers are so humble. I praise Floyd Mayweather as the most loyal WBC champion in history. For him to be here is so very special.

“Welcome everyone and VIVA MEXICO!”

Floyd Mayweather
Chris Farina


Mayweather continues to get linked with a return to the ring time and again, possibly because the “Money” man cannot stop himself from accepting huge offers.

One in 2018. On New Year’s Eve from Japan, the draw of PPV saw him batter a young Japanese kickboxer in one round.

Another in 2021 had a vastly out-of-shape Mayweather trading blows with a talentless YouTuber.

What will the newly-elected Hall of Famer do next?

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