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Boxing betting: trending social media accounts worth following

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Today’s world is dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Celebrities and sportsmen don their glossy lives and give us a glimpse of what life as a high roller is.

There are many sports that we love, but boxing is one of them that is locked in our hearts. We get daily social media notifications that the boxers we follow have made a new post. And that is when we stop whatever activity we are doing to just check out the post. Why? Because boxing is a mental game, a lead up to the main event that happens months after a boxing fight is announced. And the buildup is there to remind us to get all hyped up, all in the vibe for fight night, and of course to place our bets.

With many big fights happening throughout the year, today we talk about the trending social media accounts to follow in the boxing world. Some accounts feature the craziness that a celebrity brings with it, whilst others highlight a story of endurance, hardcore training and humanity.

Anthony Joshua – Instagram @anthonyjoshua

Anthony Joshua is a British heavyweight champion, and the boxer we all grew to love.  He won gold for Team GB at the Olympic Games, and then debuted in the professional heavyweight division. He currently holds the WBA, IBF, WBO and the IBO belts and has defended his belts multiple times in the last couple of years. Following Joshua on IG will expose you to his intense training routines, his endurance and stamina. According to the top bookmaker reviews, the odds are set based on his tough training plan, since Joshua is always looking good and top notch to win a fight.

The humble, gentle giant from Watford London, United Kingdom is always an account to follow. If you want to get fit, if you want inspiration and also a glimpse to the world of boxing. AJ’s smile is worth a follow.

Tyson Fury – Instagram @gypsyking101

Another UK boxer worth our respect is definitely ‘The Gypsy King’ himself, Tyson Fury . Some say he is a boxing legend, some say he is a social pariah. The famous boxer is another world heavyweight god, who made it through the ranks with his colourful persona. Fury has won 20 Boxing Belts in his career and describes himself as the Northern Warrior. A father, a brother, a devoted husband, a boxing legend is the feeling we get following him on Instagram. Not to mention the partying legend that somehow always managed to win a heavyweight fight, even after being caught in Vegas partying with other women.

If there is one person we need to thank for our daily training routines whilst in lockdown, it has to be Tyson Fury. Daily, at 11am, we trained with him, as he gave us all a glimpse of his cardio routine, fresh from his dining room. Priceless.

With the ongoing “rivalry” between him and Anthony Joshua, you will also watch videos where Fury prank calls Joshua, or taunts him online. All friendly, of course!

Sky Sports Boxing – Instagram / Twitter @skysportsboxing

Sky Sports Boxing is your daily dose of boxing content online. The channel offers you information on upcoming fights, odds, and also interviews from boxers in all categories. Albeit, many boxing channels will focus on heavyweight men divisions; Sky Sports Boxing is all about equality and features all divisions: heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight and more.

If you crave to place a bet on the next upcoming boxing event, following Sky Sports Boxing will give you better odds at winning with your bet. The content is raw, real, and highly insightful if you plan to bet on boxing.

Boxing Media – Instagram

Boxing Media   brands itself as the undisputed home of Boxing. If you are an aspiring boxer, you can also submit your content here and get recognised for it. With 1.1 Million followers online, you will get insight on boxing, how to train, how to dress your hand wraps and watch sparring videos from the top ranked to father and son duos training routines.

Is there an upcoming match worth a bet? Or maybe want all the scoops on the boxers? Boxing Media offers that content and more and will make you take the best decision on which boxer to place your next bet on.