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EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder coach on Kronk link, sparring Lennox Lewis

Deontay Wilder trainer Malik Scott discussed his links to the world-famous Kronk Gym and legendary coach Emanuel Steward’s influence.

The 41-year-old got credited with revitalizing Wilder after a poor showing in a rematch with Tyson Fury.

Wilder performed admirably in the third bout. He dropped Fury two more times to make it four knockdowns against “The Gypsy King” in total.

The pair share a special bond. One similar to that Scott had with Steward back in the day.

“One thing I learned off of Emanuel Steward when he was here is he used to tell me, ‘Malik, whenever it is you become a trainer, don’t get caught up in everything being physical. I teach a lot of my guys, not just physical things but after training, even when it’s out of camp time.

“You got to call your guys. You got to do film study. And you got to keep boxing as an educational thing that’s constantly going on in their life,'” Scott told World Boxing News.

“So, I always keep that in mind. That’s where the spirit of me not being able to stop talking about boxing. I remember I used to watch Emanuel and Lennox (Lewis).


“They’d be done training at four, and he and Emanuel would talk from 4 to at least 5:30 just talking about sparring, talking about fights, comparing styles. And I took that ever since Manny told me that, and I always said I would implement that when I became a trainer, and it just so happens I’m Deontay Wilder’s trainer, and I’m really going overboard with the dialogue of boxing.

“That’s why I believe he’s adapted because when he was training with Mark (Breland), once they were done training in the gym, boxing was over.

“The minute I took on the job, I said that’s a problem. This is a lifestyle.”

Deontay Wilder Malik Scott


Scott turned pro in 2000 when Lennox Lewis was king of the heavyweights. “The Odd Guy” learned valuable lessons from the “Pugilist Specialist” before retirement in 2003.

“When I was training with Lennox, Manny would just pop up at my hotel room and say, ‘what’s going on with you, what fights you been looking at?

“I want you to look at this because I want you to try this with Lennox tomorrow (in sparring). He’s bigger and stronger and much more experienced.

“He’s going to hurt you, but I need you to try these certain things,'” Scott added.

“We would just talk about boxing. Lennox used to really show me tough, tough love in that ring. Manny talked about boxing all the time.

“He did it with me; he did it with Johnathon Banks.”

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