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Canelo Alvarez ready for one of the greatest fights of his career

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It is difficult to find a boxing fan who has never heard of Canelo Alvarez, a Mexican superstar and four-division champion.

He was born in July 1990 in San Augustin, Guadalajara, and got his first gloves at the age of 10 from his brother Rodrigo. After years of practice and hard work, Alvarez inscribed his name in history by defeating Gennadiy Golovkin, Sergey Kovalev, Miguel Cotto, and others. 

This time, he will face Caleb Plant, an undefeated IBF super champion, and doesn’t hide the fact that it is one of the most important fights of his career. Before the fight, Alvarez and his trainer Eddy Reynoso had a virtual workout showing the skills and answering questions. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the boxer and choose a favorite. Plus, if you like real money slots and casino games, you can try betting on boxing. Gambling can become not only a fun pastime but a chance to become a part of the game and earn some cash. 

What the boxer says

Alvarez says that he is very excited about the fight and ready to make history. He admits that he has never had such animosity against an opponent, so the night will surely be furious. 

‘I predict a knockout before the round eight. Yes, the first several rounds will be challenging, but I am ready to defeat him as the fight progresses.’

Alvarez doesn’t have anything to say to Plant and is silently preparing for the fight. He is sure that the secret of his success is discipline and a strong mind, and they will help him win a victory over such a skilled and challenging opponent.

Canelo admits that the situation with the Plant during the conference is new to him. The Mexican boxer thinks it will be difficult for Caleb to control his emotions because he has never been in such a huge fight before. But Canelo feels like a fish in the water.

‘I am a 100% fighter. I can do everything on the ring: move, be aggressive, counterpunch. I know I need to be a complete fighter. And that’s what I have learned, thanks to Eddy Reynoso’.

Alvarez is sure that Plant is a good boxer with nice moves and jab. But he has seen lots of similar fighters, so there’s nothing new for him. He will just use the experience and skills to win. But Canelo continues that this will be one of the most critical fights in his life, and it is very important for Mexico. 

Alvarez doesn’t compare himself to great Mexican champions and wants to make a history of his own. One of his most cherished dreams is to become one of the boxing legends and stay with other champions on the hall of fame side to side. 

Canelo’s manager and trainer

Apart from Alvarez, the training session involved Eddy Reynoso, an experienced and dedicated trainer. He says that they are anxious in a good way and are preparing physically and emotionally for the big day. Reynoso doesn’t have bad blood with Plant, and all that he thinks of is making history and showing every Mexican that everything is possible.

Canelo’s trainer thinks that Plant has a solid boxing IQ, strong legs, and good technique, so they need to pressure him from the very beginning. Reynoso also admits that they want to make a statement that Mexican boxing is the best in the world. 

‘It is the most important fight for Canelo because the victory will give him a chance to unify a division. That is why we are practicing so hard.’

About the boxers

Name Canelo Alvarez Caleb Plant
Age 31 29
Height 5’8” 6’1”
Reach 70,5” 74”
Weight 168 lbs 168 lbs
KO % 64.41% 57.14%
Record 56-1-2 21-0-0

Don’t miss the show

On November 6, Canelo Alvarez, the WBA/WBC/WBO Super Middleweight World Champion, will face Caleb Sweethands Plant, the IBF Super Middleweight World Champion. The fight will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. The tickets are still on sale, but the number of accessible seats is decreasing rapidly, so hurry up. You can also watch the fight on Showtime PPV, so don’t forget to cancel all the plans and grab some snacks.