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Yordenis Ugas in danger of losing welterweight belt as WBA unrest lingers

World Boxing News understands Yordenis Ugas is in danger of being stripped of his welterweight title if he doesn’t follow a recent order.

He’s on a mission to fight Errol Spence Jr. after signing a unification contract. Ugas’ problem is the WBA champion has the resolution to compete in a four-strong tournament.

The Cuban is not a happy man.

Ugas defeated Manny Pacquiao in August. He then discussed his next move with WBA President Gilberto Mendoza.

According to Ugas, Mendoza gave Ugas his blessing to seek out the most prominent opponents. Hence the agreement with Spence.

Soon after, though, this all changed. The reason behind this was the WBA’s intent to reduce the number of titles.

Bad press and an Association of Boxing Commissioners intervention meant the WBA had to reduce the number of belts in their midst.

At one point, they had 55 different rulers in seventeen divisions. Through several resolutions, this is now down to 28.

Those orders get carried out one by one, and Ugas, the “super” champion at 147, is part of this process.

He must face Eimantas Stanionis. While Jamal James, the “regular” belt-holder, is ordered to meet Radzhab Butaev. That fight takes place this weekend.


At some point in 2022, the WBA wants the winners to collide and crown the sole champion in the division. Ugas is firmly not on board.

“The WBA gave 30 days for our teams to reach a fighting agreement in their tournament,” said Ugas in his latest update.

“Now many people are waiting impatiently when the WBA will send a tournament to define a single champion in some other division.

“Or are the laws only for the Welter division?”

Yordenis Ugas WBA welterweight title
Sean Michael Ham

He added: “You know why Gilberto Mendoza made the 147lb tournament? Stanionis could not be my direct challenger. Because to be a challenger, he has to challenge the regular champ.

“But the interest, because he will fight for the super champ, is so high and urgent that they had to invent this tournament.”


Conspiracy theories about Venezuela and Cuba getting involved in some political football match with Ugas to decide who he fights got thrown into the mix too.

The bottom line is time is running out for Ugas to meet the 30-day deadline. It will expire soon, and the WBA has a big decision to make.

WBA chiefs could decide to strip Ugas for not following their stipulation to battle Stanionis. The winner of James vs. Butaev would then be elevated to “super” welterweight champion.

The first defense against Stanionis would then be on the cards with Ugas left out in the cold and without a belt.

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