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“The brother of Miguel Cotto made Canelo Alvarez do the chicken dance!”

Caleb Plant has a theory that he can hurt Canelo Alvarez after looking back to the Mexican’s fight with the brother of Miguel Cotto in 2010.

Canelo was 20 years old when he took a heavy shot from Jose Miguel Cotto during the first round of their MGM Grand battle on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley bill.


Shook to his boots and further punished, the flurry gets widely recognized as the only time Canelo has been seriously troubled.

Despite being over a decade ago, Plant believes it could be relevant when they fight on November 6 in Las Vegas.

“Miguel Cotto’s brother can make you do the chicken dance, but I can’t? Okay,” said Plant.

“Mark my words, on November 6 you will hear the words, ‘And the new undisputed super middleweight champion,’ but you will also hear the words, ‘and still undefeated.'”

On his role as the firm underdog, he added: “I know only one thing better than proving people right. That’s proving people wrong.

“I’ve been doing that my whole life. As soon as I stepped on the stage, people started talking about what I couldn’t accomplish and do.

“Where I come from, there is no boxing community. There was no other pro I could look to and say that if he can do it, then I can do it. All I had was my mind and my heart.

“I know that people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m winning on November 6. All those people who tell me that I can’t do something, you live believable lives, and you do believable things.

“I promised myself that I was going to run this all the way to the top, with no problem crashing and burning along the way.

“I set out to live an unbelievable life and accomplish unbelievable things. Those people who doubt me are the very reason that I’m here.”

Canelo Alvarez Caleb Plant Face off
Nabeel Ahmed


Concluding on his bid to add undisputed champion to his IBF reign, Planet stated: “Being undisputed would mean a lot.

“I’ve sacrificed so much to this sport. I’ve been doing this a long time. All that work would come down to one moment.

“I want my name in those history books, and that’s the only reason that I’m here.”

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