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WBN reinstates World Boxing Association after considerable reform efforts

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World Boxing News took the difficult decision to declassify the World Boxing Association as a recognized sanctioning body in boxing last January.

Almost nine months on, the WBA, through their figurehead Gilberto Mendoza – has worked tirelessly to alter their policy.

WBN was initially irked by the addition of multiple champions per division after a promise by Mendoza in 2013 to remove the “regular” title-holders.

At the time, WBN wrote: “Mendoza was adamant he would move to crown one sole champion per division. It didn’t happen.

“Things became a lot more cloudy with the addition of the WBA Gold championship a few years on.

“Add to that the situation regarding the heavyweight division. Plus, with the inconsistency in rankings and titles, WBN has moved to act.

“Stripping Manny Pacquiao of his belt and calling it ‘Champion in Recess.’ At the same time, adding Bermane Stiverne to their Top 15 ratings was the last straw.

“Pacquiao was helping his country fight the pandemic and was due to fight in 2021. The WBA should have understood this matter.

“As for Stiverne, ranking a heavyweight without a win for five years as the eleventh best in the world is an unforgivable and wrong decision.

“There are several other examples before this. Too many to name.”

World Boxing Association Fight Resolutions


The WBA has rectified this situation regarding belts and is on track for one sole champion in each division.

The second fault, as WBN saw it, was the inconsistency in the rankings. Several boxers appeared to get rated without earning their place. WBN will continue to monitor this and lobby the WBA through opinion articles if they see further examples.

Judging high-profile championship fights will also get scrutinized after several examples of shock scores in the past.

But for now, the WBA should be applauded for their intentions to admit wrongdoing and change accordingly.

Gold champions got demoted, while the “regular” straps are well on the way to being eradicated.


Previously moving to see three titles as enough to be undisputed in the modern era, WBN will revert to four titles again.

The WBA has earned the right through its hard work, specifically over the last few months, to be the fourth major boxing sanctioning body.

Therefore, WBN will add the WBA champions back to the list of world champions at the earliest opportunity. However, only the major belt holders will be recognized moving forward.

Let’s hope they remain on track and continue towards just seventeen champions in the seventeen weight classes.

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