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Chris Eubank Jr. signed microwave returns to eBay with massive bid

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The infamous Chris Eubank Jr. microwave is back on eBay with an enthusiastic fan’s massive bid of $80,000 plus.

Selling site eBay had removed the item signed by Eubank Jr. in Newcastle without completing a transaction following a bid of almost $100,000.

As WBN reported on Thursday, the opportunist listed the infamous microwave after randomly meeting Eubank on a North-East street before his last fight.

Eubank was signing autographs and taking photos with fans when the man trotted past on his way somewhere with the kitchen item in hand.

Gracious as always, Eubank signed the microwave, and the wanderer went on his merry way.

Days later, the domestic appliance appeared on eBay, and Eubank Jr. saw the funny side. He even offered to match the bid for charity.

“Been sent a link to an eBay auction that’s selling the microwave I signed in Newcastle,” he said.

“No idea how much it’ll go for but to make this a more meaningful situation, whatever the winning bid is, I’ll match it and give the money to a charity of the winners choice,” he added.

Once Eubank’s words gained traction on social media, the microwave went from $150 to almost $100,000 within hours.

Aiming to collect his money, the microwave owner happily awaited becoming a wealthy man for his trouble.

But little did the seller know the item then got removed by eBay for no apparent reason.

Chris Eubank Jr microwave

Chris Eubank eBay


Seeing what was happening, Eubank then got involved. He sent a message to eBay saying: “Can you explain why the listing has now been removed?

“Just to be clear, the microwave pictured in that auction was authentic. Does eBay have a problem with people trying to raise money for charity?”

The company then responded soon after. They stated: “Hi Chris, we appreciate you reaching out to us regarding the above.

“We’re now having this removal reviewed with our Listings Team. We’ll be back in touch with you on this soon. Thank you.”

The microwave has now been restored after postage was made free. It stands to make both the seller and the charity Chris chose very happy once completed despite a handful of replica appliances appearing in an attempt to cash in too.

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