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Don’t be surprised to see John Fury vs Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight

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Boxing has lost a bit of its soul over the last two years after various YouTubers somehow managed to gain a foothold in the industry and subsequently command huge purses for fights.

In truth, it has made a mockery of the sport and has cheapened the noble art that is boxing. In fact, boxing was in desperate need of a classic between two accomplished fighters to restore its damaged reputation.

Mercifully, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder stepped up and produced a fight for the ages and in doing so sent a reminder to everyone that boxing is no gimmick. 

However, despite the fireworks in Las Vegas, we won’t be rid of the YouTubers in the industry just yet. Indeed, anyone betting on boxing matches that are still upcoming will see as much given that a certain YouTuber has been priced at 5/4 to beat Tommy Fury in a future bout between the two.

The public seemingly still has an appetite to see this type of match-up but it promises to be a dark day for boxing if one from the Fury family is beaten by someone who was, until recently, working on the Disney channel as a presenter.

Although Tommy’s father, John, has insisted that his son will have to change his surname if this happens. Big John Fury as he is affectionately known as is a humorous guy and you would expect nothing less from him when asked what would happen if the YouTuber beat Tommy. Interestingly, however, it was during one of these interviews regarding Tommy’s fight that John ended up calling out Mike Tyson for an exhibition match. 

At this stage, it’s worth saying that you could be forgiven for wondering if these absurd exhibition matches will ever end but keep in mind that John Fury isn’t a YouTuber.

The 57-year-old comes from a long line of fighting champions and as we know, is the father of arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer that the world has seen. In other words, he’s got genuine pedigree and if anyone deserves the riches that come with an exhibition bout then it is the humble traveler, John Fury, who currently lives in a redesigned Russian military caravan.  

Revealingly, Fury senior hasn’t been too selective when it comes to potential opponents but insists that he won’t step into the ring for less than £1 million. As far as his wish list goes, as briefly touched on earlier in the piece, Fury wants to go toe-to-toe with Mike Tyson but has also left the door open for Evander Holyfield and perhaps most surprisingly of all, David Haye. 

So far, Fury has had few takers and that doesn’t come as a huge surprise given that Mike Tyson’s last exhibition bout with Roy Jones included a no knockout rule.

For Fury, it’s all or nothing and he’s insisted that it must be six rounds of boxing where KOs are allowed. This is perhaps the most compelling reason to want to see an exhibition match with Fury given that he isn’t in it for the fame or to avoid getting hurt but rather, the chance to exchange devastating blows with some of the heavyweight powerhouses of yesteryear. 

We can only hope that the opportunity arises for John Fury and the world is able to see Tyson’s father step into the ring at 57 to do business with a former heavyweight champion.