George Foreman backs ref as rules cancel Deontay Wilder ‘long count’ KO

Deontay Wilder neutral corner Russell Mora Tyson Fury

Sean Michael Ham

Deontay Wilder would have beaten Tyson Fury via knockout in the fourth round of their heavyweight title fight if he’d gone to a neutral corner.

That’s the view of British media newspapers who are attributing referee Russell Mora’s ‘long count’ to the official following the rules to the letter.


While that notion makes calls that Mora could have reached eleven seconds as Fury was down obsolete, UK tabloids are stating the blame firmly lies at the door of Wilder.

If the “Bronze Bomber” had immediately gone to the corner and allowed Mora no option to stop the count, Fury would not have made it up in time, according to those UK reports.

A debate is raging with Wilder fans, especially on the YouTube platform with several channels holding a one-sided discussion.

The fact is, Fury won the fight within the rules. Fury holds two wins and a draw against Wilder, possibly despite being down for longer than ten seconds twice.

But that’s boxing, and that’s all within the regulations.

“Keep an eye on the standing boxer and make sure he stays in a neutral corner. If the boxer comes out, stop the count, then put the boxer back into a neutral corner and then resume counting,” is the official word on what goes down in that event.

Tyson Fury down versus Deontay Wilder
Sean Michael Ham


Previously, former pound for pound king Andre Ward put the spotlight on the happening to his followers.

UFC star Daniel Cormier then added his considerable weight but without taking in the rules stated above.

“I agree with Andre Ward. The count was crazy slow! He isn’t supposed to stop counting to tell dental to go to his corner.”

Many fans responded to Cormier to inform him that Mora had to stop the count, exonerating the referee of any wrongdoing.

George Foreman defended Mora as an ex-world heavyweight champion and the oldest ever to win a top division crown.

“Russell Mora – his weight was not listed. But the referee in the Fury vs. Wilder fight on Saturday night was the true ‘giant’ of the night.

“Non-bias from start to finish and accurate on the stoppage. Thanks from boxing,” said ‘Big’ George.

Foreman added even higher praise for the fantastic battle itself.


“Foreman, Frazier, even Tyson: forget about us all. It’s a new day, and it’s all about Tyson Fury and Wilder!

“They put on the best (heavyweight) title fight ever,” claimed the Hall of Famer.

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